Rockman Classics Collection Limited Edition

Rockman Classics Collection Original Notebook (ロックマン クラシックス コレクション オリジナル手帳), also known as Mainichi! Rockman Techō (まいにち!ロックマン手帳 lit. "Everyday! Rockman Notebook"), is one of the contents included with the limited edition of Rockman Classics Collection (Nintendo 3DS version, released on February 2016) that was available on e-Capcom for a limited time alongside the 3DS game, a special box, and five bookmarks. It was also sold separatedly. It is a 464 pages A6 size pocket planner for February 2016 to April 2017, with a memo for each month. Additional content includes a mini calendar for 2016 and 2017, contacts pages, and Mega Man art, sprites, and trivia spreaded throughout its pages, including game synopses, character information, development secrets, and Dr. Light's Research Journal.[1][2]

Dr. Light's Research Journal

Dr. Light's Research Journal (ライト博士の研究日誌 Raito Hakase no Kenkyū Nikki) is a collection of notes present in 52 pages from the notebook. It reveal Dr. Light's experiments and experiences when creating the six Light Numbers and the events before, during, and after the first Mega Man game.

Date Journal entry translation
Mar 1
Record of Thomas Light

Today, Rock and Roll are cheerfully helping out with my research. I hope they do so not because their conduct is controlled, but because they stand by people of their own free will. In order to approach this ideal, "a world where robots can truly work together with humans," the diffusion of robots that think and act on their own is absolutely necessary. I believe Rock and Roll will be the cornerstone of that ideal.

Mar 6
I would say the design of my new model robot body has progressed 30%... Given my preliminary calculations, it seems I will need to start development of a body material durable enough to operate without needing maintenance.
Mar 12
When I invited Rock and Roll to karaoke for a breather, for some reason they suddenly became bashful... Perhaps it's a fault in their electronic brains' emotion control routine?
Mar 17
I want to sell the fruits of my research at all once for low priced mass productions... Researchers at robot manufacturers are a bit faster! More verification is still needed in order to guarantee the safety of artificial intelligence for robots to exist alongside with and serve roles of people, at a level that can be installed in all manner of equipment.
Mar 24
The request from the administration is for either a reclamation robot or a construction robot. While the circumstances are limited to a degree, by developing a robot that acts for a clear purpose, it will be a great opportunity to conduct a variety of technical trials!
Apr 2
02:00 PM

Met with the administration's contact. I will develop six robots: Deforestation, civil engineering, artic investigation, bedrock fracturing, waste disposal, and reactor control. This project lets robots safely carry out all of these dangerous jobs in place of people. It will be a meaningful effort towards robotics engineering as well!

Apr 12
The design for my new model robot body is finished. First, I will begin development of the deforestation robot, and then apply the feedback from those results to the remaining five.
Apr 18
I've successfully refined the Ceramical Titanium. In theory, I'm close to realizing an unbreakable cutter.
Apr 21
Theories are important, but the most important thing is to have a strong image to present.
Apr 29
08:23 PM

I have completed my deforestation robot. I will name him DLN.003 Cut Man!

May 1
When I awoke this morning, all of my treasured garden trees had been cut down... Perhaps I will have Rock mentor Cut Man...
May 6
The theme of my next robot will be one that can take over the dangerous work of civil engineering. One with incredible strength and a sturdy body. I've already got the image in my head!
May 10
Since having Rock mentor him, Cut Man has completely gotten over his mischief. Furthermore, watching the two of them, it is curious how much they seem like brothers.
May 12
When I awoke this morning, my beloved beard appeared to have been shaved...
May 15
The improved model of actuator for the arm parts attained power to lift a two ton object. I accomplished it faster than I would have imagined!
May 19
07:33 AM

My civil engineering robot is complete. I've named him DLN.004 Guts Man. In truth it wasn't necessary to make as big of a body as I did, but image is more important than anything!

May 21
So, today I've begun development of the robot for arctic investigation. The theme is a drive system that can work without needing maintenance even in extremely low temperatures. First I will start development using refrigeration equipment that can recreate an extremely low temperature environment.
May 26
Somehow, Guts Man seems to be a bit short-tempered compared to Rock or Cut Man... Perhaps it is a consequence of the shortness of his development period and the characterization of his electronic brain?

In any case, I suppose it's alright if an unexpected change occurs in artificial intelligence. I will diligently improve the emergency safety equipment installed in all of my robots...

Jun 2
This is the third day of testing my new model of thermal exchange elements. I achieved my target room temperature of -200 °C. Tomorrow I will do the fine tuning, and then carry out the final test of the drive system.
Jun 4
Having asked Roll, it seems the average temperature at the South Pole is -49.5 °C, and the lowest temperature on record is -92.3 °C... I guess I overdid it a little... I wish people would tell me these things sooner...
Jun 10
The path has been a bit meandering, but I've finished the arctic investigation robot DLN.005. I've named him Ice Man. Since I went through the trouble for it, I loaded the refrigeration equipment into Ice Man... Well, I doubt it will be a problem.
Jun 13
Now, I've already settled on my next plan. DLN.006 is a robot integrated with the function to create explosives for bedrock fracturing. Assuming he will be doing work alongside the short-tempered Guts Man, I must fine tune his AI.

Furthermore, I am simultaneously developing DLN.007, a robot responsible for disposing of industrial waste with extremely high temperature fire. Rock protested the dangers of developing explosive and fire robots at the same time, though... Even if a fire were to break out, we have Ice Man so everything should be fine!

Jun 24
Aren't the others just worrying too much...? Honestly, there've only been two or three fires at most! Of course, I didn't predict Ice Man to flee saying he hates sauna...
Jul 12
I've been through a bit, but DLN.006 and DLN.007 are complete. I'm naming them Bomb Man and Fire Man, respectively.

That aside... I need to create a machine to repair the burned ceiling and walls.

Jul 15
Now, I will start development on the robot for reactor operations. What functions will be necessary to ensure the highest degree of safety for any conceivable situation?

While it's a simple concept, I will push thinking and mobility speeds faster than any of the current standards. I can't permit any compromises on the basic performance necessary for a robot that prevents any possible accident from happening and upholds the highest standards of safety!

Jul 27
I've attained 70% of the target capabilities for both the electronic brain and drive system. At present, that figure exceeds basic functions of the robots I've created up until now by 30%.

Furthermore, I had a new idea. I've decided to install an electric pulse generating mechanism to permit the robot to control devices from a distance. Such a mechanism would use up a bit of power, but since this is a robot that's intended for a nuclear power plant, where the supply of energy is rich, the issue should be resolved from the working environment.

Aug 6
09:48 AM

I have completed my reactor control robot, DLN.008 Elec Man. I was able to realize a brain with fundamental performance and a high sense of duty greatly superior to existing models. Though, I don't know if it's because his electronic brain functions are too fast or what, but his personality is a little bit cynical...

Aug 9
Starting today, the six completed robots will enter a safety assesment period. Rock has also volunteered to mentor them. I have created the DLN series so that they will become the cornerstone of robots that serve roles for people, and can truly exist together with people. With my hopes and love for them, I will call these six my Numbers.
Aug 16
When it comes to taking a break, nothing beats fighting games! Though I made Roll laugh when I said I wanted to master the Hadoken and Shoryuken someday...
Aug 25
Had a meeting with a government official about the delivery date of the Numbers. We decided on October 3rd. Safety assesment of the Numbers is going well, but I must carefully make every final adjustment!
Sep 6
It's expected that robots that think on their own would have hobbies, but this is fascinating. Rock seems to have been the trigger of bringing out the "personalities" of the Numbers. Elec Man plays guitar and sings, Bomb Man bowls, Guts Man does karaoke... As a fan of karaoke myself, I have a lot of respect!
Sep 15
There was a robot bird I've never seen before in my garden trees. What was that about...
Sep 22
Rock and Roll appear to be planning a farewell party for the Numbers. The way they are like a big brother and big sister, meddling with their younger siblings, feels exactly the relationship a person would have. Particularly Rock, having gained younger siblings, really shows spiritual growth as an older brother.

Although, in actuality there is someone like an older brother to Rock and Roll... He fled because of a trivial mistake I made. I wonder how he is doing now...

Oct 3
10:00 AM

The Numbers are finally off to their stations of duty. Today is an important day in the exploration of a world with robots that help people of their own free will, and truly stand alongside humans. The Numbers are robots that I am proud of pouring my whole life into. But maybe what I should be proud of is the proud expression on Rock's face.

11:43 AM Edit

Last night's farewell party resulted in five destroyed pieces of furniture, three broken doors, eight holes in walls, and countless stains... Which should I create first, a cleaning robot or a carpentry robot...?

Oct 7
This weekend, or rather "make-up vacation," I'm taking a small trip. I'm going to have my fill of the renowned Yashichi Pot at the Firebrand Hot Springs.
Oct 23
For application plan #3 of the Ceramical Titanium I developed for the Numbers, the simulation showed that when the surface is processed in a nanoscale prism structure, it has four times the strength and eight times the toughness! But at the same time, it takes 32 times as long for the refinement...

I've begun refining with an automatic processing tool, but it will take 16 days to produce the first sample...

Nov 8
I analyzed the sample of the Ceramical Titanium application material. Not only was it just as strong as the previous simulation showed, but I discovered a further shocking attribute! Due to the difference in the surface processing, it can concentrate high density sunlight, or rather, accumulate high density energy! I've named it Light Ceramical Titanium Alloy.

If I used this for a robot the same size as Rock, the total sum of the gathered solar energy would surpass 1,118,550W! So long as it's in, light, it would have surplus power. I may be able to realize the ultimate robot!

Nov 20
Today they aired a TV show featuring the activity of the Numbers. But wasn't the host exaggerating his praise a bit much? I got embarrassed watching it...
Dec 3
01:35 PM

What on Earth!? The six Numbers I provided for developing the city are now attacking the city!?

On top of that, the emergency shutdown safety functions aren't working!? The interior status monitors are also intentionally being blocked! There's no way, but... could someone have taken control of the Numbers...?

Dec 4
The rampaging Numbers are commanding small battle robots and repeating their destructive behavior. But it's clearly odd! Even if there were an error in their electronic brains, there's no way it would make them start doing something like that...!

If someone subverted the Numbers' abilities, they would certainly be strong, but I wouldn't say the police or military would be helpless against them. The only answer is they were modified to be stronger!! And I don't want to think about it, but the only one with that capability is Albert...

Dec 8
I analyzed the remains of one of the small battle robots recovered by the police. There's no mistaking it... This is Albert's handiwork...

We must stop the Numbers... However, by now we's need a battle robot that possesses even stronger power than them. If I started developing one now, there won't be much left for it to defend... No, there is just one way... But I can't! Anything but that...

Dec 10
Rock... For heaven's sake... Offering to be transformed into a battle robot to stop the Numbers on your own... I had wanted you to be the bridge towards a world where people and robots truly coexisted... But, for the sake of your heart that so loves peace...!
Dec 13
I've converted Rock's entire body to Light Ceramical Titanium Alloy, and installed the L.S. power reactor I had already been developed. Next, if I install a device that allows him to use solar energy to fire solar bullets, he ought to be able to oppose the destructive Numbers.

But, will that alone be enough? We're up against Albert! I have no doubt he's preparing other battle robots. We'll need something to stand up against an as of yet unknown threat... but what?

Dec 15
This is it...! An ability to give us an edge against threats unknown. I've poured all of my technology into Rock's learning ability. By applying that, it can transform the solar bullet into different characteristics. I have to hurry and finish it...!
Dec 16
Roll was concerned about my all nighter and made me some coffee. I don't think I've had a better cup. Rock, Roll, the way your hearts yearn for peace is beyond anything I could have planned.
Dec 17
09:35 AM

I finally finished. Still... I'm sorry, Rock. All of this is because of the seeds I planted...

However, I truly believe your just heart can stop Albert. Time to reactivate you, Rock...

Dec 20
Thank you, Rock. With your efforts, Albert's plans are thwarted and the situation resolved. As for the Numbers, I should be able to reconstruct the electronic brain chips that Rock recovered. However, this incident has raised many voices against a coexistence with robots...

Is a world where robots can truly exist with people a fantasy...? In creating my ideal, will that mean hurting something important to me? Still, I am not alone. I will continue forward with Rock and Roll's strong hearts.

Jan 4
Upon request from the police, I analyzed a computer left at Albert's laboratory, but all the data had been erased, or rather, there's evidence it was transfered somehow...

As Albert's whereabouts remain unknown, the transferred data is probably with him. I hope he isn't up to more trouble...

Jan 25
Roll has been talking about wanting to have a pet dog. Dogs are the first living creatures that humanity partnered with, and they are good friends that embody cooperation in all kinds of areas. This might be excellent as a research topic.
Feb 17
I met an incredible robot researcher at the science academy gathering! I would guess results of his research are on par with mine and Albert's. His name is Doctor Mikhail Sergeyevich Cossack. It's a name I'd better remember.
Mar 7
Reconstruction of the Numbers is progressing smoothly. Additionally, the new electronic brains will be equipped with a new function to detect tampering. While I was working on that day, Roll said something fascinating. "If artificial intelligence can be aware of its own intelligence, then one can fix any kind of tampering, right?"

This statement reminded me of the addage "I think, therefore I am," but then Roll's electronic brain froze and caused a bit of an uproar... However, if that very electronic intelligence can realize an idea like hers, then I think it's possible to establish a consciousness that cannot be manipulated.

Am I capable of something like that right now? At the very least, if I can improve artificial intelligence so that Roll won't freeze, then that ought to be a good place to start.

Mar 29
A passing thought...

If a robot acting on its own chooses a path that is "for the right reason" against a person, who exactly is in the right? The robot or the person...?

If a robot posseses the intelligence to be conscious of the possibility of opposing a human for the right reason, will it be possible for them to worry over what the right path is?

Given my capabilities now, I would be unable to create such a robot, and the time it would take to verify the safety of that intelligence would probably take longer than a human life would allow for.

What is this world where robots can truly exist alongside people really? Perhaps I should continue to think of this carefully. But, when I see Rock and Roll's smiling faces, I can sincerely feel that continuing to think of this is my duty.

Mar 29, 200X 11:18 PM
Record of Thomas Light


Translation from Protodude's Rockman Corner by Protodude, Midori Woodley, and Reploid21XX.


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