Rockman DASH Zhěngjiù Dìqiú Dà Màoxiǎn (洛克人DASH拯救地球‧大冒險 "Rockman DASH: Great Adventure to Save the World") is a licensed Mega Man Legends series video game released for home computer only in Taiwan by Strawberry Software.


Rockman DASH Zhěngjiù Dìqiú Dà Màoxiǎn is an educational game with six challenges, one being the main game mode and the other five extra challenges.

"Witty Q&A"
The main game mode, a quiz game. Rock Volnutt must find all the bombs that Teisel Bonne armed in the city and disarm them by answering questions before they explode. Each bomb gives the player 99 seconds to answer four questions to disarm it. If the answer is wrong, 10 seconds are reduced from the time. It's game over if the timer reaches 0. The player wins by disarming all bombs.
"Warehouse Keeper"
Sokoban, a logic puzzle where the player must move the crates to specific panels in a grid field.
"Strange Temple Exploration"
A maze game where the player must find the exit from the area while collecting crystals to increase the score and avoiding enemies and hazards. Has three levels.
Rock is riding a vehicle on a grid field, and the player must use the pieces available to make a path for Rock to reach the exit.
"Occupy Site"
A 1-2 players game similar to Dots and Boxes where Rock competes with a Kobun. The player that occupies more spaces in the 7x9 grid wins.
"Orbit Adventure"
A game to test the player's reflexes. Rock rides on a rail at high speed and the player must avoid the obstacles.



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