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Rockman Dystopia (ロックマン ディストピア Rokkuman Disutopia) is an arrangement soundtrack album featuring medley tracks each based on the Mega Man X games. The album is the dark counterpart to its lighter theme, Rockman Utopia to commemorate the Megaman classic series for its 27th anniversary. It was released on 14th February 2015.

The concept of "dystopia" means an envisioned undesirable environment from the outside world being the total antonym of "utopia", hence the hard rock and techno rock theme.

Track Listing

NumberTitleLegnthAdditional Information:
01 The Last No. Zero 5:32 (Zero Stage Medley)
【X vs ZERO (X5) / ZERO (X) / ZERO (X2) / ZERO (X3) / zero's sacrifice (Maverick Hunter X)】
02 Beware of No Man More Than Tyself 4:26 Boomer Kuwanger (X) 】
03 You'd Better Be Nippy 5:38 (Ice Stage Medley)
Chill Penguin (X) / Crystal Snail (X2) / Blizzard Wolfang (X6)】
04 46414C4C 5:42 Cyber Peacock (X4)】
05 Vertical Resonance 4:48 Armored Armadillo (X)】
06 Flame Gate 4:59 (Flame Stag Medley)
【Flame Stag (X2) / Blast Hornet (X3)/ Blaze Heatnix (X6)】
07 Rust Orbit to Dusk 5:34 Gravity Beetle (X3)】
08 Dim Ciras 4:19 【VS 8Boss (X8)】
09 Justice of Dys World 7:27 (Climax Battle Medley)
【Our Blood Boils~vs Sigma 1st (X7) / SIGMA 2nd (X6) / SIGMA 1st (X4) / Conclusion~vs Sigma Final (X7) / VS Lumine~The second form (X8)】
10 Espero faras nenion 5:22 【Esperanto (Zero 4)】

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