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Rockman.EXE 4.5 Real Operation (ロックマンエグゼ4.5 リアルオペレーション) is a spin-off game from the Mega Man Battle Network series that was released only in Japan for the Game Boy Advance. Players can control one of the many different NetNavis from previous Mega Man Battle Network games to compete in NetBattle tournaments. Characters include Rockman (MegaMan) himself and all of the other "Soul Unison" Navis from the fourth game of the series. A new Navi not included in the fourth game, Starman, is also available.


In Real Operation, the Game Boy Advance itself, in a sense, acts as a PET, allowing the player to control various NetNavis from previous games in the series. Players will engage in various tournaments, with a large variety of chips at their disposal that cause different effects on the enemy and battlefield. During tournaments, players can use Souls to assist them in battle.

Real Operation could also be used with the Battle Chip Gate, a Game Boy Advance accessory that allowed players to slot in real-life toy Battle Chips for use in the game, a feature that would be carried over to later games in the series. Users of Real Operation can also play multiplayer games against Mega Man Battle Network 4 users and other Real Operation users.

Playable NetNavis


These NetNavis are available at the start of the game:

Attacks: Rock Buster, Charge Shot, Shield
Ability: None

Attacks: Buster, Roll Arrow, Barrier
Ability: Float and First Barrier.

Attacks: Buster, Guts Machine Gun, Guts Hammer
Ability: Can break boulders.

Attacks: Dice Bomb, Buster, Shield
Ability: Can open ? doors.


After completing the Shademan mission, go to the NetNavi who unlocked the door on a weekday. Talking to him will allow entrance into the official tournament which is one of two ways to obtain the following NetNavis. The other way is to insert the appropriate Navi Data Battle Chip into the Battle Chip Gate:

Attacks: Fire Arm, Buster, Shield
Ability: Can remove tree stumps and flame towers.

Attacks: Aqua Hose, Buster, Shield
Ability: Doesn't slip on ice panels.

Attacks: Buster, Vacuum, Wind
Ability: Can remove tornadoes.

Attacks: Seed Gun, Death Forest, Buster
Ability: Can remove tree stumps and moves by jumping.

Attacks: Metal Fist, Break Buster, Metal Blade
Ability: Can break boulders, Super Armor, Float, and Buster obtain break.

Attacks: Poltergeist, Buster, Junk Press
Ability: Will summon junk blocks, talks differently.

Attacks: Scope Gun, Buster, Shield
Ability: None.

Attacks: Long Sword, Buster, Shield
Ability: Can open ? doors.

Attacks: Thunder Bolt, Buster, Shield
Ability: Can open electricity-covered doors. Has a cloud that will paralyze.

Unlockable only with the BCG

The following Navis are only available by inserting the appropriate Navi Data Battle Chip into the Battle Chip Gate(or by defeating Bass).

Attacks: Freeze Bomb, Buster, Shield
Ability: Can not slip on ice panels, can remove flame towers.

Attacks: Thunderball, Buster, Shield
Ability: Can open electric-covered doors.

Attacks: Buster, Invisible, Shuriken
Ability: Can open ? doors.

Attacks: Buster, Kingdom Crusher, Royal Wrecking Ball
Ability: Can remove boulders and moves by jumping.

Attacks: Sparkling Meteor, Buster, Shield
Ability: Float.

Attacks: Plant Weed, Buster, Shield
Ability: Can remove tree stumps.

Attacks: Buster, Fire Bomb, Napalm Bomb
Ability: Can remove tree stumps and flame towers.

Attacks: Buster, Shooting Buster, Darkness Overload
Ability: Can remove tornadoes.

Battle Chip Gate Pack


Battle Chip Gate Pack

Rockman.EXE 4.5 Real Operation was also released in a pack containing a Battle Chip Gate (Blues Version) and five Battle Chips: Starman (Navi Data), Marking, Roll Arrow 1, Guts Punch 1, and Z-Saber.


Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation commercial Rockman EXE 4.5 gameplay
Rockman EXE 4

Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation Commercial

Rockman.EXE 4

Rockman.EXE 4.5 - REAL OPERATION Part 1



Cover artwork.

  • Despite being labeled as 4.5, this game is not canon to the main Mega Man Battle Network games, and is actually a game to test other playable Navis for Mega Man Battle Network 5 and 6.
    • The Navis that made it into Mega Man Battle Network 5 were SearchMan, NumberMan, ProtoMan, NapalmMan, KnightMan, and ShadowMan.
    • The Navis that made it into Mega Man Battle Network 6 were ElecMan and AquaMan, both of which made appearances in earlier Mega Man Battle Network games.
  • This game has the largest number of playable characters in the Mega Man franchise, with 21 in total.

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