Rockman IQ Xuànfēng (洛克人IQ旋風 "Rockman IQ Whirlwind") is a licensed Mega Man video game released for home computer only in Taiwan by Strawberry Software.


Rockman IQ Xuànfēng is a collection of five games. Players can register their names and save high scores, with a leaderboard showing the highest score from each player in each games.

  1. "Witty Q&A" (機智問答) - A quiz game to test comprehensive commonsense. Rockman walks around a board and is stopped by characters that give quizzes to him. Most questions are simple, of elementary school grades, with only a few being more complex. There are three boards, the first starting at Dr. Right's lab and ending in the Wily Castle, the second going from the Wily Castle to the Wily Station, and the last being inside the Wily Station. After completing the third board the player returns to the beginning.
  2. "Thunderbolt Battle Beads" (霹靂戰鬥珠) - A puzzle competition game to test the speed and ability of the brain, hand, and eyes. The players must send specific beads to the opponent's side. The first to have his side full loses. The playable characters are Rockman, Forte, Blues, Duo, Clown Man and Frost Man. The music from this game is Livin' on a Prayer.
  3. "Super Grade Push One Push" (超級推一推) - A brainstorming puzzle game similar to Sokoban which the player has a time limit to place a specific block on the flashing floor, pushing other blocks around to clear the path. The music from this game is Stand by Me.
  4. "Super Fierce Big Shot" (超猛大射擊) - A typing game to practice input methods. The player selects English (英文), Phonetic (注音) or Cangjie (倉頡) and must write the name of the objects that appear in the balloons before they fall. Rockman loses health when an objects lands. The music from this game is Pressure.
  5. "Rockman Crafts" (洛克人勞作) - A basic drawing utility with Rockman 8 stamps to draw and print bookmarks, cards, and small posters.



  • The game's opening is a reduced version of the opening from Rockman 8 (including showing the game's title) with the music Bad to the Bone.
  • The music from the Title Screen is Livin' on a Prayer.

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