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Data gathering of Rockman Online (록맨온라인).

Note that the character and keyword sections are a list of Korean names for reference, not a list of content that will appear in the game.

Character (캐릭터)

Rockman series

  • Rockman (록맨)
  • Blues (브루스)
  • Duo (듀오)
  • Dr. Right (Dr. 라이트)
  • Dr. Wily (Dr. 와이리)

Rockman X series

  • X (엑스)
    • Rockman X (록맨X)
  • Zero (제로)
  • Sigma (시그마)
  • Alia (에이리아)
  • Layer (레이어)
  • Nana (나나)
  • Cinnamon (시나몬)
  • Doctor Gaudile (가우딜 박사님)
  • Gate (게이트)


NOTE: Except for Gaia, Kronos Forest, Pyramid of Secrets, Planty, Sumatran, Wood Man, Stone Man, Pharaoh Man, Proto Man and Sting Chameleon, the Korean names in this section (and as result their translation) may be inaccurate.

Gaia (가이아)

Military City Gaia (군사도시 가이아) [1]

Kronos Forest

RO Kronos ForestKronos Forest크로노스 숲 Sting Chameleon's stage. [2], [3]
ROPlantyPlanty프란티The Iworm on its head shots at enemies.
ROPlanty2"Planty Strong"프란티스트롱 A Planty with rocks instead of grass. Runs in the player's direction to attack at close range. Attack is currently unknown.
ROSumatranSumatran수마트란 Orange Sumatran. Approaches enemies to slash them with its claws.
ROSumatran2"___ Sumatran"___수마트란 Blue Sumatran that spins at enemies.
ROGoriThreeGorigree고릴그리 A green Gori-Three that throw bombs.
Goriblue고릴블루 A black Gori-Three that throw rocks. The latter half of its name translates to "blue", so it may have been switched with Gorigro? Or bad translation?
ROGoriThreeB"Gorilred"고릴레드 A blue Gori-Three that punches enemies. As the black one is called blue, this one's name may be wrong in-game?
ROSlideCannon"Slide Cannon"슬라이드캐논A cannon
ROThornedCore"Thorned Core"가시코어A plant-like obstacle.
ROShururun ? UnnamedA robot that looks like Shururun.
ROWoodManWood Man우드맨Punches enemies.
Sting Chameleon스팅 카멜레오 Boss. Attacks by with the tongue, the tail, and jumps on the player.

Pyramid of Secrets

PyramidOfSecretsPyramid of Secrets비밀의 피라미드 Pharaoh Man's stage.
ROBattonBone"Batton Bone"뱃톤봉 A bat-like robot that dives on enemies.
ROBattonBone2"Bomb Batton Bone"범브뱃톤봉 A dark Batton Bone that seems to be faster than the normal Batton Bone.
미이라 A mummy-like robot that charges and...?
ROMummy2"Mummy Ranger"미이라레인저 A "Mummy" that attacks with a whip.
(Astro Zombieg?)
좀비 A slow zombie-like robot.
ROZombie2"Poisoning Zombie"포이즈닝 좀비 A "Zombie" that attacks with its breath.
RODeturnCannon"Twin Cannon"트윈캐논 Wall cannon that can fire missiles diagonally in two directions.
RODeturnCannon2"Twin Cannon"트윈캐논 A wall cannon looks like the Capsule Cannon.
RORayBlade ? Unnamed Electric trap that resembles the Ray Blade.
ROStoneManStone Man스톤맨 Attacks with a strong slap.
Pharaoh Man파라오맨 Boss. He attacks by dashing forward and fires energy spheres from his left arm that split into four spheres in contact to surfaces.

Train, Town and Desert stages

??A train stage, apparently Cut Man's stage.
ROBallDeVouxBall De Voux (?)??
ROColtonColton (?)??
Cut Man?Appears to be the boss of the train stage.

Rockman Killers

Secret Oasis (비밀의 오아시스)

URA Secret Military Base (U.R.A 비밀군사기지)


ROQuicksandMixerMet? Unknown type(s) of Met. Possibly appear in the Secret Oasis.
Quicksand Mixer (?) ? A machine in the middle of a sand pit. Possibly appear in the Secret Oasis.
ROMegaScorpiaMega Scorpia 메가 스콜피아 Giant scorpion-like robot that appears to be the boss of the Secret Oasis.
ROHeadGunnerHead Gunners

헤드거너 A타입
헤드거너 B타입

Head Gunner masspro and Head Gunner customer.
ROMaohTheGiantMaoh the Giant마오 더 자이언트 Giant robot that appears to be a boss of the town stage.


  • UCA - United Continent Association (U.C.A - 국제 대륙 연합)
  • URA - Ultimate Reploid Association (U.R.A - 궁극 레프로이드 연합)
  • DNA (DNA)
  • Reploid (레프로이드)
  • Irregular (이레귤러)
  • Irregular Hunter (이레귤러 헌터)
  • Operator (오퍼레이터)
  • Navigator (네비게이터)
  • X-Buster (엑스 버스터)
  • Nova Strike (노바 스트라이크)
  • Z Saber (제트 세이버)
  • Duo Knuckle (듀오 너클)
  • Helmet (헬멧)
  • Weapon (무기)
  • Armor (아머)
  • Boots (부츠)
  • Space colony (우주 콜로니)
  • Eurasia (유라시아)
  • Sigma Virus (시그마 바이러스)
  • Nightmare Virus (나이트메어 바이러스)
  • Nightmare Soul (나이트메어 소울)
  • Force Metal (포스메탈)
  • Force Metal Generator (포스메탈 제네레이터)
  • Neo Arcadia (네오 알카디아)
  • Earth (지구)
  • Type (타입)
  • Human (인간이)
  • Enemy (적의)
  • Trap (트랩)
  • Dash (대시)
  • Jump (점프)
  • Double Jump (이단 점프)
  • Flight (비행)
  • Strengthening (강화)
  • Korean (한국어)
  • Capcom (캡콤)
  • Neowiz (네오위즈)
  • Rockman Zero (록맨 제로)
  • Rockman ZX (록맨 젝스)
  • Rockman.EXE (록맨 이그제)
  • Shooting Star Rockman (유성의 록맨)
  • Rockman DASH (록맨 대쉬)


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