Rockman Star Colosseum (ロックマンスターコロシアム), Rock Colo for short, is a 2-6 players minigame from Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star similar to the Sky-Hi Coliseum from Mega Man Star Force 2. Like Sky-Hi Coliseum, the players must collect Stars within a time limit, and the one with most Stars in the end wins. However, combat is held in the map itself, with players using their weapons and items found in the map. Players can choose to play as Star Force Mega Man, MegaMan.EXE, ProtoMan.EXE, and Bass.EXE, the later becoming available after participating in 50 NetBattles against other players.

The minigame has three modes: "Individual Battle", where all players fight each other, "Team Battle", where players form teams, and "VS Forte" where all players must cooperate to defeat Forte with bombs. The "VS Forte" mode can also be played by one person.

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