List of items in Rockman Strategy.


Item NameTranslationTypeAvailabilityGame description
E罐E CanRecoveryMap and battleRecovers 1/3 of the Life
強力E罐Strong E CanRecoveryMap and battleRecovers 2/3 of the Life
特級E罐Super E CanRecoveryMapLife is fully recovered
電池BatteryRecoveryMap and battleRecovers 1/3 of the Skill Power
強力電池Strong BatteryRecoveryMap and battleRecovers 2/3 of the Skill Power
特級電池Super BatteryRecoveryMapSkill Power is fully recovered
加速機油Acceleration OilSupportMapRound action increase by 01/03
高速機油High Speed OilSupportMapRound action increase by 02/03
冷凍光束Freeze Beam Stops enemy from acting for 2 turns (Probability of 30%)
急動光束Jerk Beam Stops all enemies within range from acting for 2 turns (Probability of 30%)
爆彈Bomb AttackMakes an enemy lose 01/04 of his Life
強力爆彈Strong Bomb AttackMakes all enemies within range lose 1/4 of their Life
浮石FloatstoneSupportMapImmune to ferry terrains for 3 turns
絕緣膠Insulating RubberSupportMapImmune to magnetic terrains for 3 turns
避雷針Lightning RodSupportMapImmune to electric terrains for 3 turns
抗熱護罩Thermal ShieldSupportMapImmune to magma terrains for 3 turns
傳送儀實驗版Transmission Apparatus
Experimental Version
SupportMapFree to reach the designated location (Probability of 30%)
傳送儀完成版Transmission Apparatus
Completed Version
SupportMapFree to reach the designated location
偵測雷達Detection RadarSupportMapCan investigate basic information of the specified enemy
透視鏡Lens ???



Item NameTranslationNotes
安全帽Safety Helmet
強化頭盔Enhanced Helmet
金屬頭盔Metal Helmet
超合金頭盔Super Alloy Helmet
熱處理頭盔Heat Treated Helmet
鈦合金頭盔Titanium Helmet
鑽石頭盔Diamond Helmet
雷射頭盔Laser Helmet
原子頭盔Atomic Helmet
終極頭盔Ultimate Helmet


Item NameTranslationNotes
安全護甲Safety Armor
強化裝甲Enhanced Armor
金屬裝甲Metal Armor
超合金裝甲Super Alloy Armor
熱處理裝甲Heat Treated Armor
鈦合金裝甲Titanium Armor
鑽石裝甲Diamond Armor
雷射裝甲Laser Armor
原子裝甲Atomic Armor
終極裝甲Ultimate Armor


Item NameTranslationNotes
安全護手Safety Gloves
強化手套Enhanced Gloves
金屬拳套Metal Gloves
超合金護手Super Alloy Gloves
熱處理護手Heat Treated Gloves
鈦合金手套Titanium Gloves
鑽石護手Diamond Gloves
雷射護手Laser Gloves
原子護手Atomic Gloves
終極護手Ultimate Gloves

Combat Shoes

Item NameTranslationAction/MoveSpeedNotes
安全戰鬥鞋Safety Combat Shoes
強化戰鬥鞋Enhanced Combat Shoes
金屬戰鬥鞋Metal Combat Shoes
超合金戰鬥鞋Super Alloy Combat Shoes
熱處理戰鬥鞋Heat Treated Combat Shoes
鈦合金戰鬥鞋Titanium Combat Shoes
鑽石戰鬥鞋Diamond Combat Shoes
雷射戰鬥鞋Laser Combat Shoes
原子戰鬥鞋Atomic Combat Shoes
終極戰鬥鞋Ultimate Combat Shoes


連技晶片ATech Chip A
必殺晶片AHissatsu ("Certain Kill") Chip A
電擊晶片AElectricity Chip A
磁力晶片AMagnetic Chip A
火焰晶片AFire Chip A
急凍晶片AFrozen Chip A
吸收晶片AAbsorption Chip A
補充晶片ASupplementary Chip A
究極晶片AUltimate Chip A
反擊晶片ACounter Chip A
加油晶片Refueling Chip
強化晶片Enhanced Chip
防禦晶片ADefense Chip A
反射晶片AReflective Chip A
反火焰晶片AAnti-Fire Chip A
反磁力晶片AAnti-Magnetic Chip A
反冰凍晶片AAnti-Freeze Chip A
反電擊晶片AAnti-Electricity Chip A
分身晶片AAvatar Chip A
加速晶片AAcceleration Chip A
火焰晶片A改Fire Chip A Improved
急凍晶片A改Frozen Chip A Improved
電擊晶片A改Electricity Chip A Improved
磁力晶片A改Magnetic Chip A Improved
連技晶片BTech Chip B
必殺晶片BHissatsu Chip B
電擊晶片BElectricity Chip B
磁力晶片BMagnetic Chip B
火焰晶片BFire Chip B
急凍晶片BFrozen Chip B
吸收晶片BAbsorption Chip B
補充晶片BSupplementary Chip B
究極晶片BUltimate Chip B
反擊晶片BCounter Chip B
防禦晶片BDefense Chip B
反射晶片BReflective Chip B
反火焰晶片BAnti-Fire Chip B
反磁力晶片BAnti-Magnetic Chip B
反冰凍晶片BAnti-Freeze Chip B
反電擊晶片BAnti-Electricity Chip B
分身晶片BAvatar Chip B
加速晶片BAcceleration Chip B
火焰晶片B改Fire Chip B Improved
急凍晶片B改Frozen Chip B Improved
電擊晶片B改Electricity Chip B Improved
磁力晶片B改Magnetic Chip B Improved
連技晶片CTech Chip C
必殺晶片CHissatsu Chip C
電擊晶片CElectricity Chip C
磁力晶片CMagnetic Chip C
火焰晶片CFire Chip C
吸收晶片CAbsorption Chip C
補充晶片CSupplementary Chip C
防禦晶片CDefense Chip C
加速晶片CAcceleration Chip C
渦輪加速晶片Turbo Boost Chip

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