Rockman Utopia (ロックマン ユートピア Rokkuman Yuutopia) is an arrangement soundtrack album featuring medley tracks each based on the first eight Megaman games. Each track contains The album is the light counterpart to its darker theme, Rockman Dystopia to commemorate the Megaman classic series for its 27th anniversary. It was released on 14th January 2015.

The concept of "utopia" means an envisioned perfect paradise from the outside world for state of things, hence using lighthearted music with upbeat and incorporating styles from technopop to ethnic.

Track Listing

NumberTitleLegnthAdditional Information:
01 Rise the Curtain 4:18 (Rockman 1 Medley)

Elec Man / Bomb Man / Ice Man

02 Tin Shuttle 4:58 (Rockman 7 Medley)

Freeze Man / Cloud Man / Spring Man

03 Exotic Somewhere 4:42 (Rockman 6 Medley)

Centaur Man / Flame Man

04 Endless Encore 4:25 (Rockman 2 Medley)

【Password, Title, Staff Roll】

05 Show Your True Face 4:49 (Rockman 8 Medley)

Clown Man / Tengu Man

06 Recycling Cycling 5:15 (Rockman 3 Medley)

Magnet Man / Spark Man / Shadow Man

07 Tropical Airport 5:05 (Rockman 5 Medley)

Wave Man / Gyro Man

08 Mechanical Gadget Happy Hour 4:42 (Rockman 7 Shade Man Medley)

【Shade Man / Shade Man Stage Start (Secret) / Shade Man (Secret)】

09 Stepping Out Again 4:46 (System BGM Medley)

【Menu / Get a Weapon / Shop Rush Jet / Stage Select】

10 Unbreakable Heart 4:58 Dr. Wily1 ("Rockman 2")】
11 ??? (Hidden Track) 0:51 Stage Start theme in Rockman 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10 and X

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