Rockman X3 Buster Battle

Rockman X3 Buster Battle (ロックマンX3バスターバトル) is a special set from Bandai's Denshi Manga Juku (電子漫画塾 "Electronic Manga Class") LCD touch screen handheld released in Japan in 1995. The set includes the handheld and two Mega Man X3 themed cartridges named "Game Cassette G.04" and "Manga Cassette M.04".

Game Cassette G.04

Game Cassette G.04 is a RPG where the player selects between X, armored X, or Zero and equips the selected character with parts that affect his stats (HP, Attack Power, Defense Power, and Recovery Power) and a hand-drawn "Hyper Buster" with variable stats (G Power, AP, DP, and Charge). Up to four Hyper Busters can be saved. Depending of his setup, the Hunter will have one of the following eight special abilities: Charge Up, Charge Down, Life Power, Search, Max Buster, Hyper Attack, and Lock-on Attack.

After setting up the Hunter and Buster, the player can fight against one of the bosses available: Vile, Vile MK-II, Bit and Byte. Each character can attack three times per turn, selecting one of four points to attack. The defending character can move in different directions in the hope of avoiding the attack. The Hyper Buster can be charged to increase its range and power.

Manga Cassette M.04

Manga Cassette M.04 can be used to make a six frame flip book style animation, with Mega Man X related stamps and backgrounds available. Pictures can also be used on a 3x3 sliding puzzle.

The two game cassettes can be connected together, making the M.04 stamps available on the G.04 cassette. The stamps available are:

Stamps Total Content
Hunter Stamps 7 X (normal and full armor) and Zero in different poses.
Boss Stamps 18 The eight bosses from the Stage Select Screen. Although based on Rockman X3, the other stamps are from bosses and sub-bosses from the previous games: Sigma (original and X2 bodies), the three X-Hunters, Black Zero, D-Rex, RT-55J, Thunder Slimer and Raider Killer.
Enemy Stamps 9 Enemies and sub-bosses like Snow Slider and Worm Seeker-R.
Other Stamps 6 Three text balloons, Life Energy, Weapon Energy, and an explosion effect.
Body 11 Body parts from X (normal and armor), Zero, and the eight bosses used to combine with other parts and create custom characters. Toxic Seahorse, Blizzard Buffalo, Gravity Beetle and Crush Crawfish have their heads attached.
Head 7 Heads to attach to the top of the bodies.
Legs 11 The lower half of the bodies.
Left Arm 11 X, Zero, Tunnel Rhino and Neon Tiger have their normal arm.
Right Arm 11 X, Zero, Tunnel Rhino and Neon Tiger have their weapons.


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