For Iwamoto Yoshihiro's manga, see Rockman X5 IF.

Rockman X5 (洛克人X5 Luòkèrén X5) is a Taiwanese manhua series illustrated and written by Wu Heyi (吳合意). It was serialized in Chingwin Publishing Group's Qiangbang Qiangbang Monthly (強棒強棒月刊) magazine, the Chinese-language equivalent of Comic BomBom, for twelve chapters between 2001 and 2002 and later collected into two volumes. It is loosely based on the events of Mega Man X5 with a more slapstick and comedic twist on the characters and plot, with the changes including the Sigma Virus also affecting humans and Sigma planning to drop a bomb filled with the virus on Earth.

Release information

Rockman X5 Vol. 1
Rockman X5 vol. 1
Publisher Chingwin Publishing Group Release date December 31, 2001
Country Taiwan ISBN 9789575090500
Contents Chapters 1-6
Rockman X5 Vol. 2
Rockman X5 vol. 2
Publisher Chingwin Publishing Group Release date June 20, 2002
Country Taiwan ISBN 9789575092245
Contents Chapters 7-12

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