For Iwamoto Yoshihiro's manga, see Rockman X5 IF.

Rockman X5 (洛克人X5) is a two volume Taiwanese manhua series illustrated and written by Wu Heyi (吳合意) and published by Chingwin Publishing Group. It is loosely based on the events of the video game Mega Man X5. This series is a little known rarity due to a number of reasons: the artist is relatively unknown, it was never released outside of Taiwan, and unlike the Japanese manga series based on the first four games of the Mega Man X series published by Kodansha in its monthly manga magazine, Comic BomBom, this manhua lacked the backing of a well known publishing company.

Release information

Rockman X5 Vol. 1
Rockman X5 vol. 1
Publisher Chingwin Publishing Group Release date January 18, 2002
Country Taiwan ISBN 9789575090500
Contents Chapters 1-6
Rockman X5 Vol. 2
Rockman X5 vol. 2
Publisher Chingwin Publishing Group Release date July 16, 2002
Country Taiwan ISBN 9789575092245
Contents Chapters 7-12

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