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Rockman X7 4Koma Manga Kingdom (ロックマンX7 4コマまんが王国) is a collection of 4koma strips parodying the events from 'Rockman X7', related to the appearance of Axl and the fight against Red Alert. Published in 2003, the manga contains 168 B&W pages created by fifteen different artists.

The stories includes:

  • Announcement from X for world peace
  • X gives a megaphone to Axl instead of his gun
  • Jokes about the rescue of Reploids in the stages
  • A confrontation between X and the Dr. Light capsule


*Note: This list is incomplete.


*Note: This title list is incomplete and come from unofficial translations.

  • "Burning up for the justice!"
  • "Alia copes with the decision"
  • "X stills has his doubts"
  • "I am the Great Red"
  • "You can do it, X"
  • "X gives his approval"
  • "Lets talk"
  • "Axl starts to worry"
  • "Alia provides the analysis"
  • "Finish-him, Zero-sama"
  • "Alia the enforcer"
  • "Double-Trouble Axl"
  • "Signas keep an eye on the things"
  • "X returns"
  • "Sticks and stones..."
  • "You promise?"
  • "Big Sis Alia"
  • "A new X?!"
  • "Catch me if you can!"
  • "Watch the road!"
  • "Play time"
  • "Now's your chance"
  • "Forever "D""
  • "Battle"
  • "Stubbornness"
  • "Love and Peace"
  • "Pet Name"



  • Alia is portrayed as intrusive and overprotective in the strips which becomes a running gag several of them: she is shown trying to force power up chips on X, Zero and Axl, one strip pokes fun at her constant interruptions during missions and Signas even mentions that she is like a mother to them on a few occasions.[2][3][4]
  • Axl gives Zero the nickname "Brief-kun", because of his white "briefs".[1]


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