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Xcommandmission soundtrack

Rockman X Command Mission Original Soundtrack (Front Cover)

Rockman X: Comman Mission Original Soundtrack (ロックマンX コマンドミッション オリジナルサウンドトラック) is a soundtrack album from the game Mega Man X: Command Mission. It was published by Suleputer in September 23, 2004.

Track Listing

#Original titleTranslationEnglish Sky Room title
01闘え!エックスFight! XFight, X!
02スタンバイ・ゼロStandby ZeroStandby, Zero
03僕、アクセル。I, Axl.Enter Axl
04鋼鉄のマッシモMassimo of SteelSteel Massimo
05怪盗マリノPhantom Thief MarinoMarino the Thief
06悶々シナモン!Anguishedly Cinnamon!Help me! Cinnamon
07スパイダー・マジックSpider MagicSpider Magic
08章タイトルChapter Title -
09レジスタンス・ラインResistance LineResistance Lines
10忘却の地Land of OblivionLand of Oblivion
11イレギュラー・ハントIIrregular Hunt IMaverick Hunter 1
12勝利ジングルVictory Jingle -
13戦いの軌跡ITrajectory of Battle ITrajectory of Battle 1
14リベリオンの任務Rebellion's MissionMission To Rebel
15ファイナル・バトルFinal BattleFinal Battle
16ボス勝利ジングルBoss Victory Jingle -
17戦いの軌跡IITrajectory of Battle IITrajectory of Battle 2
18希望の奪還Recovery of HopeSteal Hope Back
19オウトウセヨ!Answer!Do You Copy?
20ハンターベースHunter BaseHunter Base
21トーキング・ファンクTalking FunkTalking
22暗・雲・低・迷Dark Clouds Hanging LowDarkness and Despair
23深淵の世界Abyssal WorldSubterrania
24哀・情・痛・惜ISadness and Deep Regret ISympathy and Sorrow 1
25リベリオンの運命Rebellion's FateA Rebel's Fate
26セントラルタワーCentral TowerCentral Tower
27密林の秘宝Jungle's TreasuresForest Treasure
28リベリオンの野望Rebellion's AmbitionRebellious Ambitions
29フォースメタルの謎Mystery of Force MetalMystery Metal
30ミステリアス・エネミーMysterious EnemyMysterious Ways
31未知のエネルギーUnknown EnergyUnknown Energy
32イベント・バトルEvent BattleEvent Battle
33勇・猛・果・敢UndauntedStrength and Valor
34危・機・一・髪Close CallBrush with Danger
35仲間の窮地A Friend's PredicamentA Friend in Danger
36哀・情・痛・惜IISadness and Deep Regret IISympathy and Sorrow 2
37混迷の砂塵Chaotic Cloud of SandDesert Maze
38イレギュラー・ハントIIIrregular Hunt IIMaverick Hunter 2
39エグゼクティヴ・バトルExecutive BattleBoss Battle
40氷河の暗躍Secret Maneuvers of the GlacierGlacial Activity
41アイム・ボロック!I'm Borock!They Call me Botos!
42喜・色・満・面Smiling with JoyBeaming with Joy
43腐朽の要塞Decaying CitadelAncient Capital
44イプシロン第一楽章Epsilon, First MovementEpsilon, First Movement
45イプシロン第ニ楽章Epsilon, Second MovementEpsilon, Second Movement
46安・寧・秩・序Law and OrderPeace and Tranquility
47ギガンティスのキオクMemories of GigantisGiga City Memories
48ゲームオーバーGame Over -
49真実の判定Judgment of TruthFinal Judgement
50必勝!ナインテイルズCertain Victory! NinetailsMeet Ninetails!
51リディプス第一楽章Redips, First MovementRedips, First Movement
52リディプス第ニ楽章Redips, Second MovementRedips, Second Movement
53リディプス第三楽章Redips, Third MovementRedips, Third Movement
54終焉The End -
55イレギュラー・ハンターの宿命Irregular Hunter's Fate -
57情熱セツナ ~GameEdit~ 安倍麻美Jounetsu Setsuna ~Game Edit~ Abe Asami -
Theme Of MegamanX
Theme of Mega Man X Command Mission -


  • The credits for the album are off by 1 (as seen in track-specific credits for sub-composers Yuko Komiyama and Seiko Kobuchi) given obvious inconsistencies regarding reused compositions. The actual track credits should be as such:
    • Shinya "LoveShop" Okada (Capcom)
    • Yuko Komiyama (Capcom): 24, 44, 45, 48
    • Seiko Kobuchi (Capcom): 13, 23, 54, 56
    • Guitar: Yasuyuki "smarters" Tsujino (Capcom) [track 58]
  • Additionally, the liner notes indicate that Komiyama collaborated with Okada for the Epsilon tracks (44 and 45), as mentioned by the latter.