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Rockman X (ロックマンX) is a manga series by Yoshihiro Iwamoto. It is an adaptation of the Mega Man X series, from Mega Man X to Mega Man X4, and was serialized in Kodansha's Comic BomBom magazine from 1994 until its cancellation in 1998 and collected into twelve volumes in total. In 2005, the series was reprinted into five volumes by with new covers, art updates, bonus chapters, guest messages, and author commentary segments.

Release information

Rockman X vol. 1
Publisher Kodansha Release date June 1994
Country Japan ISBN 4-06-321704-3
Contents Chapters 1-5
Rockman X vol. 2
Publisher Kodansha Release date October 1994
Country Japan ISBN 4-06-321716-7
Contents Chapters 6-9
Rockman X vol. 3
Publisher Kodansha Release date March 1995
Country Japan ISBN 4-06-321735-3
Contents Chapters 10-13
Rockman X2 vol. 1
Publisher Kodansha Release date July 6, 1995
Country Japan ISBN 4-06-321747-7
Contents Chapters 1-4
Rockman X2 vol. 2
Publisher Kodansha Release date December 6, 1995
Country Japan ISBN 4-06-321759-0
Contents Chapters 5-8
Rockman X2 vol. 3
Publisher Kodansha Release date April 5, 1996
Country Japan ISBN 4-06-321770-1
Contents Chapters 9-13
Rockman X3 vol. 1
Publisher Kodansha Release date August 6, 1996
Country Japan ISBN 4-06-321779-5
Contents Chapters 1-5
Rockman X3 vol. 2
Publisher Kodansha Release date January 8, 1997
Country Japan ISBN 4-06-321794-9
Contents Chapters 6-9
Rockman X3 vol. 3
Publisher Kodansha Release date July 4, 1997
Country Japan ISBN 4-06-321811-2
Contents Chapters 10-14
Rockman X3 vol. 4
Publisher Kodansha Release date November 6, 1997
Country Japan ISBN 4-06-321821-X
Contents Chapters 15-16 and Zero chapters 1-2
Rockman X4 vol. 1
Publisher Kodansha Release date February 6, 1998
Country Japan ISBN 4-06-321830-9
Contents Chapters 1-5
Rockman X4 vol. 2
Publisher Kodansha Release date July 6, 1998
Country Japan ISBN 4-06-321843-0
Contents Chapters 6-10
Rockman X
Publisher Release date February 25, 2005
Country Japan ISBN 4-8354-4154-0
Contents Chapters 1-13

Message from manga artist Kenichi Muraeda

"Iwamoto Lab: Just Talking" segment

Rockman X2
Publisher Release date April 27, 2005
Country Japan ISBN 4-8354-4155-9
Contents Chapters 1-13

Message from manga artist Kazuhiro Fujita "The Man Who Drew Rockman X"

"Iwamoto Lab: Just Talking" segments

"Regarding the spelling of Storm Eagleed's name in the story" segment

Rockman X3 vol. 1
Publisher Release date May 31, 2005
Country Japan ISBN 4-8354-4156-7
Contents Chapters 1-9

Special chapter "Holiday"

Message from voice actress Minami Takayama

"Iwamoto Lab: Just Talking" segments

Rockman X3 vol. 2
Publisher Release date August 8, 2005
Country Japan ISBN 4-8354-4157-5
Contents Chapters 10-16 and Zero chapters 1-2

"Iwamoto Lab: Just Talking" segment

Message from former editor Kenichi Yamamoto

Rockman X4
Publisher Release date September 9, 2005
Country Japan ISBN 4-8354-4158-3
Contents Chapters 1-12

Newly drawn 14 pages for chapter 11 and 4 pages for chapter 12

"Iwamoto Lab: Just Talking" segment

Rockman X

The adaptation based on the first Mega Man X game was serialized in Comic BomBom from January 1994 to January 1995 and later compiled into three volumes. In 2005 the manga was reprinted into a single volume.


Awakening (目覚め) is the first chapter from the manga, originally published on January 1994.

The story begins with a Maverick called Pierrot attacking the city, which is defeated by X and Zero.During the battle, a young girl's dog is killed from a wound to the neck. X reacts by crying and telling the girl that he was a great dog, suprising Zero who didn't think that Reploids had the ability to cry. In the Hunter Base, Sigma begins a rebellion against humans, convincing several Maverick Hunters that humans are inferior to them. They attack the city and some Reploids try to convince X to shoot a human, but instead he shot the Reploids and tries to protect the city, passing through a highway and confronting Vile.


Friend (旧友) is the second chapter from the manga, originally published on February 1994.

After the highway incident, Zero asks X to investigate a series of earthquakes that are happening near the base of the Maverick Hunter's 13th Polar Region Unit in Alaska. Once there, he discovers Mavericks took over the base and are using it to cause the earthquakes, which can create an avalanche and destroy the nearby city. At first, X wonders if this is being done by his friend Marth, but inside the base he discovers Marth was frozen by the one responsible, Chill Penguin. X obtains the Foot Parts in the base.


Dignity (誇り) is the third chapter from the manga, originally published on March 1994.

X fights against Chill Penguin and defeats him with the help of his friend Marth. Some hours after Chill Penguin's defeat, X goes to a city that had a sudden loss of energy and is being attacked by Mavericks. The power plant was taken over by the Mavericks, and X enters there to defeat them. Inside the power plant, a shadowy Reploid observes him.


Potentiality: (潜在能力) is the fourth chapter from the manga, originally published on April 1994.

X fights against Thunder Slimer, and after his defeat he fights against Spark Mandrill. After Mandrill's defeat, an hologram of Sigma appears to finish Mandrill and talk with X.


Requiem (鎮魂曲) is the fifth chapter from the manga, originally published on May 1994.

Sting Chameleon took over a wildlife reserve and brainwashed the animals with machines, also equipping them with weapons and using them to attack the nearby cities. Zero prepares to burn the forest to avoid more problems, but X asks to give him a chance to help the animals, going after the one responsible for this. Zero says he has until sunset to do so, and X rushes into the forest to find a way to help them. Along the way, he fights against RT-55J and finds the Armor Part, which protects him from the trap set by Sting Chameleon. X manages to free the animals and fights against Chameleon.


Samurai (サムライ) is the sixth chapter from the manga, originally published on June 1994.

X defeated Sting Chameleon, but his buster became unusable because of the damage it suffered in the battle. When he meets with Zero again, they where surrounded by several Mavericks, but Armored Armadillo order a Met to repair X's buster and dispenses the minions, saying he wants to fight against X one-on-one in a duel in a mine.


Successor (継承者) is the seventh chapter from the manga, originally published on July 1994.

X and Armored Armadillo battle one-on-one. At the end of the battle, Armadillo gives some explanation to X, and gives his life to protect him from Vile.


Inferno (地獄) is the eighth chapter from the manga, originally published on August 1994.

X goes to a robot factory and fights against Flame Mammoth.


Hope (希望) is the ninth chapter from the manga, originally published on September 1994.

X fights against Storm Eagle with the help of Zero.


Mermaid (人魚) is the tenth chapter from the manga, originally published on October 1994.

Sigma's army mounted a base in the ocean, and X is sent there to investigate. There he meets Marty, a mermaid Reploid that helps him. X fights against Launch Octopus.


Babel (バベルの塔) is the eleventh chapter from the manga, originally published on November 1994.

Zero found Sigma's base and went there, and X tries to find him to help. Suddenly, a giant tower appears from the ground of the city X was passing by, and it destroys a large area around it with energy, and is charging to cause more destruction. X climbs the tower to stop it and fights against Boomer Kuwanger before it can destroy what was left of the city. Having trouble in the battle, X uses the energy of the tower in his buster to fire a powerful shot, destroying Boomer Kuwanger, part of the tower and his own buster with one shot. After this, Sigma's flying fortress appear and challenges X to fight against him.


Farewell (さらば、友よ) is the twelth chapter from the manga, originally published on December 1994.

In Sigma's fortress, X passes through several defeated Mavericks, and finds Zero aprisioned by Vile. X can't fight against him with his damaged buster, but Zero manages to break free and explodes on Vile, damaging him and his Ride Armor.


Victory (勝利) is the last chapter from the manga, originally published on January 1995.

The final showdown between X and Sigma begins in Sigma's throne room. Though overwhelmed by Sigma's power, X managed to defeat his first form. As Sigma morphed into his gigantic final form, X had not enough energy to fight him again but instead, send Sigma's fortress crashing to the atmosphere by disrupting the controls aboard. The fortress including Sigma was destroyed during the atmospheric entry. X was protected by the protective coat left by Sigma and survived.


Rockman X2

Main article: Rockman X2 (manga)

The manga adaptation of Mega Man X2 was serialized from February 1995 to February 1996 and later compiled into three volumes. In 2005 the manga was reprinted into a single volume.

  1. Revival (復活) - After Sigma's defeat, various incidents erupted in the next six months and it was found that the culprit was the rebirthed Sigma. X had no choice but to fight once again.
  2. Wiseman (賢者) - Dr. Cain is introduced. X fights against Wire Sponge.
  3. Duel (決闘) - X fights against Flame Stag.
  4. Glittering Death (輝ける死) - X fights against Crystal Snail.
  5. Antlion (蟻地獄) - X goes after Overdrive Ostrich.
  6. Illusion (幻) - X fights against Overdrive Ostrich and Chop Register.
  7. Possibility (可能性) - X fights against Magna Centipede.
  8. Pirates (海賊) - X and Marty fight against Bubble Crab.
  9. Weakness (心の弱さ) - X fights against Morph Moth.
  10. Healing (いやし) - X fights against Wheel Gator and completes his armor.
  11. Hidden Weapon (隠されし武器) - X fights against the X-Hunters (Serges, Agile, Violen).
  12. Inevitable Battle (避けえぬ闘い) - X fights against Black Zero.
  13. Miracle (奇跡) - The final battle against Sigma.

Rockman X3

Main article: Rockman X3 (manga)

The manga adaptation of Mega Man X3 was serialized from March 1996 to June 1997 and later compiled into four volumes. In 2005 the manga was reprinted into two volumes. Two additional "Zero" chapters that serve as a prologue to the X4 manga were serialized between July–August 1997 and collected in volume 4 of the original release and volume 2 of the reprint.

  1. Malfunction (故障) - The new Hunter Base in Dopple Town is attacked by Mavericks led by Dr. Doppler.
  2. Snowman (雪だるま) - X fights against Blizzard Buffalo.
  3. Cocoon (繭) - X and Zero fights against Tunnel Rhino.
  4. Strength (強さ) - Zero fights against Blast Hornet.
  5. Conscience (良心) - X fights against Neon Tiger.
  6. Peace (平和) - Dr. Cain analyzes the four Reploids defeated by X and Zero to discover why they went out of control, discovering that a worm-like machine is responsible. The Hunter Base is attacked by Bit and Byte.
  7. Sniper (狙撃者) - X fights against Crush Crawfish.
  8. Big Bang (ビッグ・バン) - X fights against Volt Catfish.
  9. Remain (遺跡) - X and Zero fight against Toxic Seahorse.
  10. Vengeance (復讐) - Gravity Beetle wants to avenge Boomer Kuwanger and attacks the city with a giant beetle-like machine.
  11. Funeral (葬儀) - Bit and Byte defeat and capture X and Zero.
  12. Comrade (同士) - Bit announces that X and Zero are scheduled to be terminated by a drill, and a Maverick outbreak happens in Dopple Town. Marty appears to assist and Cain asks her to take four chips to X, freeing him.
  13. Hatred (憎悪) - Doppler merges Bit and Byte into Godkarmachine O Inary.
  14. Wrath (激怒) - Dr. Cain tries to repair Dr. Doppler, but Doppler decides to destroy himself.
  15. Oni (鬼) - X fights against Vile MK-II in Sigma's fortress.
  16. Shine (輝き) - X fights against Sigma in his most powerful body.
  • Zero 1. Mars (赤き闘神) - Zero has a nightmare with Sigma. He meets the Repliforce and befriends Colonel.
  • Zero 2. Ikaros (イカロス) - The Maverick Hunters and the Repliforce work together in one mission.

Rockman X4

Main article: Rockman X4 (manga)

The manga adaptation of Mega Man X4 was serialized from September 1997 to August 1998 and later compiled into two volumes. It was initially conceived as the largest volume in the series, with two chapters spent on the prologue alone, but due to a drastic change in the direction of Comic BomBom, it was decided to discontinue the series after about 60% of the original plan was completed. Iwamoto later commented on his website that he was "frustrated" and "disappointed," although he avoided using direct expressions.[1] Due to this, the last two chapters would not be collected until the 2005 reprint, which includes the missing chapters and new pages to the penultimate chapter.

  1. Suspicion (疑惑) - Sky Lagoon is attacked by Mavericks, and it's believed Repliforce was behind it.
  2. Uprising (蜂起) - Repliforce announces their wish for independence.
  3. Jungle (密林) - X fights against Web Spider.
  4. Ocean (大海原) - Zero fights against Jet Stingray.
  5. Conviction (信念) - X fights against Split Mushroom and Zero meets Iris.
  6. Ice Fang (氷の牙) - X and Blizzard Buffalo fight against Frost Walrus, but are defeated.
  7. Strength (力) - X fights against Frost Walrus again.
  8. Big Tree (大樹) - Zero fights against Colonel.
  9. Diving (潜行) - Zero is in a virtual training program when something goes wrong. He see strange images of Reploids killed by him, Sigma screaming, and a mysterious scientist. He fights against Cyber Peacock.
  10. Running (疾走) - X defeats Slash Beast.
  11. Fate (運命) - Zero fights against Colonel and Iris, and X against Storm Owl and Magma Dragoon.
  12. Tears (涙) - X fights against Double. General sacrifices himself to stop the weapon.



  • Originally, the manga was supposed run as a single unbroken series, with volume 3 of the original release of X advertising an upcoming fourth volume, before it was ultimately decided to split each game adaptation into its own series.
  • In an interview in the August 1997 issue of Comic BomBom, Keiji Inafune stated that he was inspired by Iwamoto's manga and began to put more effort into the stories of the games.
  • The X4 adaptation was one of the last Mega Man manga to be published by Kodansha (the other being Rockman & Forte), and after it, Capcom cancelled Kodansha's contract for the Mega Man series. Starting 2001, the series was contracted to Shogakukan, and from the MegaMan NT Warrior manga, it was transferred to Shogakukan's Monthly Corocoro Comic and other publications.
  • According to the tidbit in the X reprint, Iwamoto himself is not very good at action games, so he cleared the games by referring to videos of skilled players.
  • In addition, when the reprints of X3 came out, Iwamoto stated in one of the tidbits that it was difficult to write because Sigma was the final boss character in the story three times in a row, and unlike the original games, it's "not as fun to repeat." In contrast, it seems that he had fun drawing Vile.
  • For reasons of style, there are subtle differences in the character designs from the game versions, with the characters being portrayed as more sleek and attractive.
  • There are numerous scenes where the robot characters leak and cough up what appears to be blood when attacked, but it is simply oil.
  • Zero is often seen without his helmet in the manga series, with a straight-back hairstyle. According to the comments on Iwamoto's website, the motif of his helmetless appearance is Keith Anyan from Toward the Terra.[2] X is also shown to be able to remove his helmet, although he is always out of view when he does.

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