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Rockman X 25th Anniversary Memorial Carddass Edition

Clear binder

Rockman X 25th Anniversary Memorial Carddass Edition (ロックマンX 25周年記念 メモリアルカードダスエディション) is a pack released in November 2018 by Bandai to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Mega Man X series and the 30th anniversary of Carddass. It was sold exclusively through Premium Bandai. The box contains 24 cards, a clear binder, and a 12 page booklet containing a 10 page manga titled Rockman X5 IF.


001Rockman XRockman X Anniversary Collection main visual
002Rockman XRockman X Anniversary Collection 2 main visual
003Rockman XRockman X Anniversary Collection 1+2 main visual
004Rockman XRockman X4 main visual
005Rockman XRockman X5 main visual
006Rockman XRockman X6 main visual
007Rockman XRockman X7 main visual
008Rockman XRockman X8 main visual
009Rockman XRockman X Command Mission main visual
010Rockman XOfficial illustrations of X with the Fourth Armor, Gaea Armor and Falcon Armor
011Rockman XOfficial illustrations of X with the Blade Armor, Shadow Armor and Glide Armor
012Rockman XOfficial illustrations of X with the Neutral Armor and the armor from Mega Man X: Command Mission
013AxlIwamoto Yoshihiro illustration
014XIwamoto Yoshihiro illustration
015ZeroIwamoto Yoshihiro illustration
016X (Ultimate Armor)Iwamoto Yoshihiro illustration
017Ride Armor (Chimera)Iwamoto Yoshihiro illustration
018Iris & ColonelIwamoto Yoshihiro illustration
019Alia, Layer & PaletteIwamoto Yoshihiro illustration
020Σ (X5)Iwamoto Yoshihiro illustration
021LumineIwamoto Yoshihiro illustration
022X VS VAVA VIwamoto Yoshihiro illustration
023Return XIwamoto Yoshihiro illustration
024X (Giga Armor) & Zero (Neo Armor)Iwamoto Yoshihiro illustration

Rockman X5 IF

Rockman X5 IF

Rockman X5 IF page 1

Rockman X5 IF is a short manga by Iwamoto Yoshihiro based on Mega Man X5. The story starts with X going to fight Awakened Zero in the Zero Space. Both are heavily damaged in the battle, but Zero returns to normal and uses his own parts to repair X. X then proceeds to fight against Sigma with Zero's right arm and helmet, and defeats Sigma. In the end, X retrieves Zero's body to repair him and remembers the comrades they made during their battles, including Sigma before he became a Maverick.

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