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Rockman X DiVE (ロックマンX ダイブ) is a platform game from the Mega Man X series to be released by Capcom Taiwan for iOS and Android in 2019.


The game is going to be a 2D action platformer made with an upgraded engine from Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. It will also feature Co-op mode and a 3 vs 3 PvP mode.

Playable Characters

Other Characters



Weapons in the game are interchangable between characters, however some weapons might be exclusive to certain characters.


  • Although considered part of the Mega Man X series, Rockman X DiVE incorporates elements from other series as well. Examples include Area H from Mega Man ZX and the Floating Ruins from Mega Man ZX Advent.
    • Additionally, it is possible to spot a screenshot of Impact Man's stage from Mega Man 11 during RiCO's introductory trailer.[1]
  • Among the action/platform genre titles in the Mega Man franchise, Rockman X DiVE offers the largest roster of playable characters. Prior to this game, Mega Man X8 had the largest roster, with six playable chatacters.
    • Regarding the Mega Man X series as a whole, DiVE also surpasses Mega Man X: Command Mission in this aspect, surpassing the latter's roster of seven playable characters.
    • While the number of transformations in Mega Man ZX Advent does surpass the number of playable characters in both DiVE and Command Mission, they're transformations of a single character. In this light, as far as individual characters are concerned, DiVE still offers the largest roster.



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