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Rockman X DiVE is an action-platforming video game in the Mega Man X series released by Capcom Taiwan for iOS and Android in March 24th, 2020.

A closed beta test was held from September 12-16, 2019.

The game is confirmed to be coming to North America.[2]


The story occurs within the cyberspace in a place called "Deep Log", which contains game data information and the memories of the players having fun with the games. There is a Deep Log for each game and player in the world, and they have been stored and managed for decades. After all this time, a corruption and other problems may cause some program errors.

The Deep Log from the Mega Man X series, administrated by RiCO, is having unknown errors which are causing data corruptions. It is the job of the "Player" to repair the data and get rid of the errors in order to protect the Deep Log, using Hunter Programs to get rid of the Irregular Data.


DiVe is a 2D action platformer made with a modified engine from Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.

It feature Co-Op, PvP, 3v3, and Boss Challenge modes.


Hunter Programs

The playable characters, with varying stats (Attack, Durability, Range, Support and Control). All characters can use Double Jump and Dash, and some can also Air Dash. Each has two skills exclusive to them.

NameRarityProperty Active Skill 1Active Skill 2Passive Skills
XB Balanced
Buster Specialization
Charge to Enhance Damage
Charge Shot Tracking missile Charged Penetration
Electric Shock Warhead
Buster Mastery
Ultimate Armor XS Balanced
Plasma Field
Strong Sprint Attack
Plasma Charge ShotNova Strike Plasma Rushing
Electric Shock
Armor Protection
Buster Mastery
First Armor XS Balanced
Buster Specialization
Spiral Blast Shot
Spiral Blast ShotHeadbutt Armor Protection
Accelerate Charge
Show Time
Chain Blast
Buster Mastery
Second Armor XS Balanced
Double Charge
Screen-wide Attack
Double Charged ShotGiga Crush Armor Protection
Energy Increase
Show Time
Buster Mastery
ZeroA Attack
Close-range Weapon Specialization
Large Area Containment
RyuuenjinRakuhouha Rapid Response
True Rakuhouha
Melee Mastery
Air Sword
Black ZeroS Attack
Close-range Weapon Specialization
Strong Sprint attack
RaikousenC-Flasher Armor Protection
Savage Pursuit
Protective Shield
Melee Mastery
AxlB Speed
Rolling Guerrilla Warfare
Area Suppressing Barrage
Strafing BarrageTactical Roll Guerrilla
Tactical reinforcement
Full of Energy
VileA Attack
Launcher specialization
Low HP enhancement
Electric Shock RoundsExplosive Rounds Brutal
Destruction Impulse
Launcher Mastery
AliaA Balanced
Near-middle distance switching
Rapid skill casting
Green SpinnerMelt Creeper Mobility
Electric Shock Warhead
Intelligence analysis
MarinoA Speed
Multi-function Shuriken
Ninjutsu Mark
ShurikenBlink Penetrating Shuriken
Sun Blaze
Ninjutsu Mark II
Boomerang Shuriken
PalletteB Auxiliary
Damage-weakening specialization
Action interference
Black Arrow Ion Gun Energy application
Electromagnetic Resonance
CinnamonS Auxiliary
Teammate support
Heart composite enhancement
SyringeAngel Aura Persistent Virus
Protective Shield
Auxiliary Positioning
Enchantment of Love
FerhamS Attack
Continuous Perimeter Damage
High HP enhancement
Blood SnakeCrimson Shadow Blood Frenzy
Speedy Whip
Quality of Queen
MassimoB Defense
Mitigates damage with protective shield
Continuous ray attack damage
WhirlwindBerserker Charge Dynamic Destruction
Range Increase
Armor Protection


While serving as a radical cosmetic change, skins also grant additional ATK, HP and DEF bonuses when using them.

Other Characters

Irregular Data



Bee Blader1 (Highway)
5 (Sky)
Mole Borer2 (Gallery)
6 (Floating Ruins)
Gigantic Mechaniloid CF-03 (Factory)
RT-55J4 (Air Force)


Bosses have Chips that can be equipped on a weapon to allow it to use a skill from the boss alongside the weapon's attack.

Maoh the Giant1 (Highway) Steel Ball Shot
Mega Scorpio2 (Gallery) Current Razor
Rangda Bangda W3 (Factory)
Chill Penguin4 (Air Force) Shotgun Ice
Goliath5 (Sky)
Overdrive Ostrich6 (Floating Ruins)


Weapons are interchangeable between Hunter Programs. Hunter Programs can be equipped with two weapons at a time, a Main Weapon and a Sub Weapon.

Weapons are classified by types:

  • Buster - Long range weapons.
  • Close Range Weapon - Melee weapons, such as Sabers.
  • Machine Gun - Weapons with high fire rate.
  • Sprayer - Weapons that spray their ammunition on enemies.
  • Cannon - Weapons that have low ammo, but the projectiles explode on impact, damaging all enemies within range.
Mega Buster CBusterShot50
Military Buster BBusterShot30
Wind Pressure Buster BBusterShot40
Standard Saber BClose Range WeaponSlash100
Beam Rapier BClose Range WeaponSlash100
Cannon BCannonBombard30
Energy Cannon BCannonBombard6
Burning Spray Gun BSprayerFiery Radiation30
Compressed Spray Gun BSprayerCompressed Spray6
Gas Emitter BSprayerToxic Radiation30
High-speed Rifle BMachine GunShot50
Laser Rifle BMachine GunBeam Shot60
Triangle Gun BMachine GunScatter Shot35
Arrow Buster ABusterSnipe8
Shadow Blade Buster ABusterCycling Shot20
Elite Lance AClose Range WeaponSlash100
Triangular Saber AClose Range WeaponSlash100
Gatling Gun AMachine GunShot100
Shotgun AMachine GunScatter Shot35
Crushing Spray Gun ASprayerCrushing Spray6
Snowy Spray Gun ASprayerFrost Radiation45
Drill Head Cannon ACannonDrill Missile15
Light Wave Cannon ACannonBombard30
Biochemical Buster SBusterShot30
Gravitational Pulse SBusterShot50
Sniper Buster SBusterSnipe5
Crimson Scythe SClose Range WeaponSlash100
Demon Blade Muramasa SClose Range WeaponSlash100
Doom Blade SClose Range WeaponSlash100
Beam Machine Gun SMachine GunBeam Shot60
Purgatory Machine Gun SMachine GunShot100
Scarlet Tyrant SMachine GunBeam Shot60
Electric Current Spray Gun SSprayerElectric Current Radiation25
Essence of the Abyss SSprayerEssence of the Abyss30
Poisonous Cloud Spray Gun SSprayerToxic Radiation30
Destroyer SCannonBombard30
Extraordinary Mortar SCannonBombard30
Napalm's Head SCannonBombard6

DiVE Trigger

DiVE Trigger is a powerful skill that can be used once per stage.



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  • DiVE’s story of the player going into a digital world as avatars of characters from the series to combat a threat that uses settings and enemies from older games is similar to Mega Man Xtreme’s story, where X sends an avatar of himself into the Mother Computer’s network to stop an unknown enemy from resurrecting old Mavericks.
  • Although considered part of the Mega Man X series, Rockman X DiVE incorporates elements from other series as well.
    • Additionally, before the game's release, it was possible to spot a screenshot of Impact Man's stage from Mega Man 11 during RiCO's introductory trailer.[3]
  • Among the action/platform genre titles in the Mega Man franchise, Rockman X DiVE offers the largest roster of playable characters. Prior to this game, Mega Man X8 had the largest roster, with six playable chatacters.
    • Regarding the Mega Man X series as a whole, DiVE also surpasses Mega Man X: Command Mission in this aspect, surpassing the latter's roster of seven playable characters.
    • While the number of transformations in Mega Man ZX Advent does surpass the number of playable characters in both DiVE and Command Mission, they're transformations of a single character. In this light, as far as individual characters are concerned, DiVE still offers the largest roster.

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