List of characters in Rockman X DiVE.

Supporting Characters

  • RiCO - The current administrator of Deep Log and the player's navigator.
  • Player - The player of the game.
  • ViA - The former admin of Deep Log, who currently has the form of Zero.
  • Eddie - A Support Unit from the original Mega Man series.
  • Rush - Another Support Unit and canine companion of Mega Man.
  • Beat - Another Support Unit and companion of Mega Man.

Hunter Programs

The playable characters, with varying stats (Attack, Durability, Range, Support and Control). All characters can use Double Jump and Dash, and some can also Air Dash. Each has two skills exclusive to them.

ImageNameRaritySizeProperty Active Skill 1Active Skill 2Passive SkillsRelease Date
X Dive X Mugshot XB Medium Balanced
Buster Specialization
Charge to Enhance Damage
Charge Shot Tracking missile Charged Penetration
Electric Shock Warhead
Buster Mastery
March 24, 2020
X Dive Massimo Mugshot MassimoB Large Defense
Mitigates damage with protective shield
Continuous ray attack damage
Whirlwind (Senpuuzan)Berserker Charge Dynamic Destruction
Range Increase
Armor Protection
March 24, 2020
X Dive Axl Mugshot AxlB Medium Speed
Rolling Guerrilla Warfare
Area Suppressing Barrage
Strafing BarrageTactical Roll Guerrilla
Tactical reinforcement
Full of Energy
March 24, 2020
X Dive Pallette Mugshot PalletteB Small Auxiliary
Damage-weakening specialization
Action interference
Black Arrow Ion Gun Energy application
Electromagnetic Resonance
March 24, 2020
X DiVE Mega Man mugshot Mega ManB Small Balanced
Balance Shield
Limit Charge Enhancement
Charge Shot Leaf Shield Double Charged Shot
Buster Mastery
May 21, 2020
X Dive Zero Mugshot ZeroA Medium Attack
Close-range Weapon Specialization
Large Area Containment
Ryuuenjin (Dragon Flame)Rakuhouha (Phoenix Crush) Rapid Response
True Rakuhouha
Melee Mastery
Air Sword
March 24, 2020
X Dive Alia Mugshot AliaA Medium Balanced
Near-middle distance switching
Rapid skill casting
Green SpinnerMelt Creeper Mobility
Electric Shock Warhead
Intelligence analysis
March 24, 2020
X Dive Vile Mugshot VileA Medium Attack
Launcher specialization
Low HP enhancement
Electric Shock RoundsExplosive Rounds Brutal
Destruction Impulse
Launcher Mastery
March 24, 2020
X Dive Marino Mugshot MarinoA Medium Speed
Multi-function Shuriken
Ninjutsu Mark
ShurikenBlink Penetrating Shuriken
Sun Blaze
Ninjutsu Mark II
Boomerang Shuriken
March 24, 2020
X DiVE Layer icon Mugshot LayerA Medium Attack
Sabre Combination
Charged Damage Enhancement
Renyoudan (Leaf Sever)Tenshouha (Heavenly Shine) Chain Blast
Counterattack Preparation
Power Increase
May 14, 2020
X DiVE Roll mugshot RollA Small Auxiliary
Sweep Combo
Random Supporting Eddie
Roll SwingSupporting Eddie Mobility
Power Increase
Logistics EX
Support Request
May 21, 2020
X DiVE Zero (Z) Mugshot Zero (Z)A Medium Balanced
Movement Restriction
Damage Reducing Shield
Zero KnuckleS.Boomerang Harden
Show Time
Shield Enhance
Life Steal
July 10, 2020
X Dive Black Zero Mugshot Black ZeroS Medium Attack
Close-range Weapon Specialization
Strong Sprint attack
Raikousen (Lightning Flash)C-Flasher (Messenkou) Armor Protection
Savage Pursuit
Protective Shield
Melee Mastery
March 24, 2020
X Dive Ferham Mugshot FerhamS Medium Attack
Continuous Perimeter Damage
High HP enhancement
Blood SnakeCrimson Shadow Blood Frenzy
Speedy Whip
Quality of Queen
April 16, 2020
X Dive Ultimate Armor X Mugshot Ultimate Armor X[1]S Medium Balanced
Plasma Field
Strong Sprint Attack
Plasma Charge ShotNova Strike Plasma Rushing
Electric Shock
Armor Protection
Buster Mastery
May 7, 2020
X Dive First Armor X Mugshot First Armor XS Medium Balanced
Buster Specialization
Spiral Blast Shot
Spiral Blast ShotHeadbutt Armor Protection
Accelerate Charge
Show Time
Chain Blast
Buster Mastery
March 24, 2020
X Dive Second Armor X Mugshot Second Armor XS Medium Balanced
Double Charge
Screen-wide Attack
Double Charged ShotGiga Crush Armor Protection
Energy Increase
Show Time
Buster Mastery
April 23, 2020
X Dive Cinnamon Mugshot CinnamonS Small Auxiliary
Teammate support
Heart composite enhancement
SyringeAngel Aura Persistent Virus
Protective Shield
Auxiliary Positioning
Enchantment of Love
March 24, 2020
X Dive White Day Alia Mugshot White Day Alia[2]S Medium Balanced
Fireworks barrage
Landscape penetration damage
Heart BalloonFlying Kiss Sentimental Infusion
Heart Won
Alia's Charisma
March 31, 2020
X Dive White Day Cinnamon Mugshot White Day Cinnamon[2]S Small Defense
Chocolate Switching
High HP damage reduction
Courtesy ChocolateLove Infusion Protective Shield
Cinnamon's Charisma
Love Protection
Winning Confess
March 31, 2020
X DiVE Proto Man mugshot Proto ManS Small Defense
Specialized Shield Defense
Limit Charge Enhancement
Charge ShotProto Shield Bastion
Charged Penetration
Mobility Increase
Destroy Armor
Tech Novelty
May 21, 2020
X DiVE Super Mega Man Mugshot Super Mega ManS Small Attack
Charged Rocket
Supporting Beat attack
Rocket BusterSupporting Beat Range Increase
Buster Mastery
Hyper Rocket Buster
May 28, 2020
X DiVE Iris Mugshot Iris[1]S Small Auxiliary
Auto target-seeking mine
Restricts movement across a large area
Floating MinesPeaceful Wish Augmented Wish
Improved Sensor
Auto Defense
Armor Protection
Love & Peace
June 11, 2020
X Dive Ultimate Armor X (CM) Mugshot Ultimate Armor X (CM)S Medium Balanced
Machine Gun Specialization
Area Suppressing Barrage
Combo Weapon AttackAll-out Barrage Ultimate Missile
Armor Protection
Machine gun mastery passive
Suppressing Barrage
Multi Ultimate Missile
June 18, 2020
X DiVE Sigma Mugshot SigmaS Large Attack
Target-seeking Saber Tech
Auto Attack Device
Head BeamsDash Blade Viral Spread
Preventive Shield
Melee Mastery
July 2, 2020
X DiVE Leviathan Mugshot LeviathanS Medium Balanced
Ice Mine Support
Tracking Ice Dragon Attack
Water CicleSpirit of the Ocean Marine Snow
Frost Javelin
Snow Enhancemet
Loss of Temperature
July 10, 2020
X DiVE Awakened Zero Mugshot Awakened Zero[1]S Medium Attack
Melee Mastery
Large-area Slash Wave
ShingetsurinGenmu Zero Power Increase
Armor Protection
Show Time
Melee Mastery
Dream Flash
July 23, 2020
X DiVE Swimsuit Layer Mugshot Swimsuit LayerS Medium Attack
Combo skill enhance
Shield killer
Water ShieldSwim Ring Hurl Show Time
Sexy Bathing Suit
Show Down
Melee Mastery
Show Yourself
August 6, 2020
X DiVE Swimsuit Roll Mugshot Swimsuit RollS Small Defense
Balance Shield
Double defense enhance
Water Melon SliceF-Splasher Cool Trick
Old School Charm
Active Water Shield
Preemptive Deployment
Time for Water!
August 6, 2020


While serving as a radical cosmetic change, skins also grant additional ATK, HP and DEF bonuses when equipping them.

ImageSkin NameCharacterATKHPDEFRelease Date
Rockman X DiVE Hunter Program Command Mission X Command Mission XX +10 +20 +5 March 24, 2020
Rockman X DiVE Hunter Program White Day Zero White Day ZeroZero +16 +32 +8March 31, 2020
Rockman X DiVE Hunter Program Quicksilver QuicksilverMarino +16 +32 +8June 11, 2020
Rockman X DiVE Hunter Program Swimsuit Alia Swimsuit AliaAlia +16 +32 +8August 6, 2020
Rockman X DiVE Hunter Program Swimsuit Roll (skin) Swimsuit Roll (brown hair)Swimsuit Roll +16 +32 +8August 6, 2020
Rockman X DiVE Hunter Program Swimsuit Layer (skin) Swimsuit Layer (green hair)Swimsuit Layer +16 +32 +8August 6, 2020
Rockman X DiVE Hunter Program Swimsuit Layer (skin 2) Swimsuit Layer (white hair)Swimsuit Layer +16 +32 +8August 6, 2020


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