List of weapons in Rockman X DiVE.


Weapons are interchangeable between Hunter Programs. Hunter Programs can be equipped with two weapons at a time, a Main Weapon and a Sub Weapon.

Weapons are classified by types:

  • Buster - Long range weapons.
  • Close Range Weapon - Melee weapons, such as Sabers.
  • Machine Gun - Weapons with high fire rate.
  • Sprayer - Weapons that spray their ammunition on enemies.
  • Cannon - Weapons that have low ammo, but the projectiles explode on impact, damaging all enemies within range.


Rockman X DiVE Weapon Normal Buster Mega Buster CBusterShot50
MilitaryBuster Military Buster BBusterShot30
WindPressureBuster Wind Pressure Buster BBusterShot40
ZetSaiba Standard Saber BClose Range WeaponSlash100
BeamReaper(Z-Reaper) Beam Rapier BClose Range WeaponSlash100
CannonXDIVE Cannon BCannonBombard30
EnergyCannon Energy Cannon BCannonBombard6
BurningSprayGun Burning Spray Gun BSprayerFiery Radiation30
CompressedSprayGun Compressed Spray Gun BSprayerCompressed Spray6
Gas Emitter Gas Emitter BSprayerToxic Radiation30
High-Speed Rifle High-speed Rifle BMachine GunShot50
LaserRifle Laser Rifle BMachine GunBeam Shot60
TriangleGun Triangle Gun BMachine GunScatter Shot35
ArrowBuster Arrow Buster ABusterSnipe8
ShadowBladeCannon Shadow Blade Buster ABusterCycling Shot20
EliteLance Elite Lance AClose Range WeaponSlash100
TriangularSaber Triangular Saber AClose Range WeaponSlash100
GatlingGun Gatling Gun AMachine GunShot100
Shotgun Shotgun AMachine GunScatter Shot35
CrushingSprayGun Crushing Spray Gun ASprayerCrushing Spray6
Snowy Spray Gun Snowy Spray Gun ASprayerFrost Radiation45
DrillHeadCannon Drill Head Cannon ACannonDrill Missile15
LightWaveCannon Light Wave Cannon ACannonBombard30
BiomechanicalBuster Biochemical Buster SBusterShot30
GravitationalPulse Gravitational Pulse SBusterShot50
SniperBuster Sniper Buster SBusterSnipe5
CrimsonScythe Crimson Scythe SClose Range WeaponSlash100
DempnBladeMuramasa Demon Blade Muramasa SClose Range WeaponSlash100
DoomBlade Doom Blade SClose Range WeaponSlash100
BeamMachineGun Beam Machine Gun SMachine GunBeam Shot60
PurgatoryMachineGun Purgatory Machine Gun SMachine GunShot100
ScarletTyrant Scarlet Tyrant SMachine GunBeam Shot60
ElectricCurrentSprayGun Electric Current Spray Gun SSprayerElectric Current Radiation25
EssenceOfTheAbyss Essence of the Abyss SSprayerEssence of the Abyss30
PoisonousCloudSprayGun Poisonous Cloud Spray Gun SSprayerToxic Radiation30
Destroyer Destroyer SCannonBombard30
ExtraordinaryMortar Extraordinary Mortar SCannonBombard30
Napalm'sHead Napalm's Head SCannonBombard6


0-9 Gray D
10-19 Green C
20-29 Blue B
30-39 Purple A
40-49 Red S
50 Gold (unconfirmed) SS

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