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Rockman X DiVE is a platform game from the Mega Man X series to be released by Capcom Taiwan for iOS and Android in 2019.


The story occours within the cyberspace in a place called "Deep Log", which contains game data information and the memories of the players having fun with the games. There is a Deep Log for each game and player in the world, and they have been stored and managed for decades. After all this time, a corruption and other problems may cause some program errors.

The Deep Log from the Mega Man X series, administrated by RiCO, is having unknown errors which are causing data corruptions. It is the job of the "Player" to repair the data and get rid of the errors in order to protect the Deep Log, using Hunter Programs to get rid of the Irregular Data.


The game is going to be a 2D action platformer made with a modified engine from Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.

It will also feature co-op, 3 vs 3, PvP, and boss challenge modes.


Hunter Programs

The playable characters, with varying stats (Attack, Durability, Range, Support and Control). All characters can use Double Jump, Dash, and Air Dash. Each has two skills exclusive to them.

NameRarityProperty Active Skill 1Active Skill 2Passive Skills
XB Type: Balance
Buster Master
Charge shot strengthen
Charge Shot Seeker Missile Penetration
Electric Warhead
Buster Master
Ultimate Armor XS Type: Balance
Plasma force field
Dash attack
Plasma Charge ShotNova Strike Plasma Rushing
Electric Shock
Armor Upgrade
Buster Master
"Second Armor X"
ZeroA Type: Attack
Close range weapon
Ranged crowd control
RyuuenjinRakuhouha Quick Reaction
True Rakuhouha
Saber Master
Quake Blazer
Black Zero
AxlB Type: Speed
Bullet HellAxl Rolling Rolling Engine
Axl Power Up
VileA Type: Attack
Launcher master
Electric Shock BulletBurst Bullet Atrocity
Destruction Desire
Launcher Master
AliaA Type: Balance
Close & mid-range
Charge shot
Green SpinnerMelt Creeper Motility
Impactive Warhead
MarinoB Type: Speed
Multifunction shuriken
Ninjutsu Mark
ShurikenTeleport Pierce Shuriken
Heat Haze
Ninjutsu Mark Two
PalletteB Type: Support
Damage Reduction
Black Arrow Electric Gun Advanced Energy Tank
Magnetic Resonance


Other Characters

  • RiCO
  • Player
  • "Former Deep Log administrator"

Irregular Data




Bosses have Chips that can be equipped on a weapon to allow it to use a skill from the boss alongside the weapon's attack.

Maoh the Giant1 (Highway) Steel Ball Shot
Mega Scorpio2 (Gallery) Current Razor
Rangda Bangda W3 (Factory)


Weapons are interchangeable between Hunter Programs. Hunter Programs can be equipped with two weapons at a time, a Main Weapon and a Sub Weapon.

Weapons are classified by types:

  • Buster - Long range weapons.
  • Saber - Also known as Close Range. Melee weapons.
  • Machine Gun - Weapons with high fire rate.
  • Sprayer - Also known as Injector.
  • Launcher - Also known as Cannon. Has low ammo, but the projectile explodes on impact, damaging all enemies within range.
Buster CBusterShot50
Military Buster BBusterShot30
Air Vortex Buster BBusterShot40
Saber BSaberSlash100
Z Rapier BSaberSlash100
Common Launcher BLauncherBombard30
Bomb Launcher BLauncherBombard6
Power Spryer BSprayerCompression Jet6
Mammoth Flamer BSprayerFlame Jet30
High Speed Rifle BMachine GunShot50
Triangle Gun BMachine GunShotgun Shot35
Laser Rifle BMachine GunBeam Shot60
Falcon Buster ABusterSnipe8
Shadow Buster ABusterReturn Shot20
ZX Saber ASaberSlash100
Blood Revere ASaberSlash100
Gatling AMachine GunShot100
Shotgun AMachine GunShotgun Shot35
Aqua Froster ASprayerIce Jet45
Ride Launcher ALauncherBombard30
Masaider Launcher ALauncherDrill Missile15
Virus Launcher SLauncherBombard30
V Electric SSprayerElectric Jet25
Poison Spryer SSprayerPoison Jet30
Beam Machine Gun SMachine GunBeam Shot60
Beam Scythe SSaberSlash100
Sniper Buster SBusterSnipe5
Bio-Buster SBusterShot30


  • DiVE’s story of the player going into a digital world as avatars of characters from the series to combat a threat that uses settings and enemies from older games is similar to Mega Man Xtreme’s story, where X sends an avatar of himself into the Mother Computer’s network to stop an unknown enemy from resurrecting old Mavericks.
  • Although considered part of the Mega Man X series, Rockman X DiVE incorporates elements from other series as well. Examples include Area H from Mega Man ZX and the Floating Ruins from Mega Man ZX Advent.
    • Additionally, it is possible to spot a screenshot of Impact Man's stage from Mega Man 11 during RiCO's introductory trailer.[2]
  • Among the action/platform genre titles in the Mega Man franchise, Rockman X DiVE offers the largest roster of playable characters. Prior to this game, Mega Man X8 had the largest roster, with six playable chatacters.
    • Regarding the Mega Man X series as a whole, DiVE also surpasses Mega Man X: Command Mission in this aspect, surpassing the latter's roster of seven playable characters.
    • While the number of transformations in Mega Man ZX Advent does surpass the number of playable characters in both DiVE and Command Mission, they're transformations of a single character. In this light, as far as individual characters are concerned, DiVE still offers the largest roster.


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