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Rockman X Giga Mission (ロックマンXギガミッション), also known as Rockman X Giga Mission: Versus Extreme is the fifth chapter of the Mega Mission Carddass series. It was released by Bandai in August 2019 as a package containing 24 cards, a clear binder, and a special comic booklet by Iwamoto Yoshihiro. Similar to Rockman X Mega Mission 4, an armor contest was held, this time to create a new armor for Zero. The winner was Infinity Zero.[1]


(NOTE: Although the cards use the original names from Japan, this summary will use the English versions for the sake of clarity.)

Some time later after the fall of the Eurasia colony and the defeat of Sigma, Zero is still missing in action and his Z-Saber is kept by X in honor of his fallen comrade.

Meanwhile, a reploid by the name Isoc, studied Dr. Doppler's works related to the Limited parasite and upgraded it, now calling it the Extreme parasite. He then created two Reploids from data of Doppler's Nightmare Police and the Extreme parasite; Sakitira CC and Pranara DD, and ordered them to search for Zero.

X is informed that two mysterious reploids are wandering around where the Space Shuttle fell and finds Pranara DD, who sends a revived Slash Beast EX to attack him.

X equips himself with a prototype armor made using the Falcon Armor as base for it (called Proto Blade Armor). Slash Beast knocks the Z-Saber from X's hand, but he is defeated afterwards. However, X didn't realize that a part of the Extreme parasite from Slash Beast got into his Proto Blade Buster.

Sakitira CC grabs the Z-Saber, but the Extreme parasite from within her reacts to it, absorbing the combat data from the saber, taking over her body and turning itself into an Extreme Reploid called Nichts. Nichts attacks Blizzard Wolfang PR, a Prototype version of the original Wolfang, decapitating him, and cutting Commander Yammark PR's arm off.

In the meantime, Magma Dragoon EX fights X, but is defeated. Nichts having observed the fight, attacks X, ignoring that the part of the Extreme that got into his buster started to mutate X's armor, turning it into the Extreme Armor.

Overwhelmed by X's power, Nichts absorbs Pranara DD, turning into Chaosbrahman-Orochi, however, X uses up all of the armor power and defeats his new form, recovering the Z-Saber and reverting him back into Nichts. X then finishes him off with a saber slash.

A while later, X hears rumors about a Nightmare Virus and the Ghost of Zero.

Card List

No.CardType Details
1XCharacter Irregular Hunter
2ZeroCharacter Irregular Hunter
3Dr. Doppler's LegacyGiga Story Giga Mission Prologue
4ExtremeCharacter Repliroid
5Sakitira CC & Pranara DDCharacter Nightmare Police
6Dispatch! Nightmare PoliceGiga Story Giga Mission Story 1
7S. Beastleo EXCharacter Extreme Repliroid
8X vs S. Beastleo EXGiga Story Giga Mission Story 2
9X (Proto Blade Armor)Character Irregular Hunter
10New Power! Proto Blade ArmorGiga Story Giga Mission Story 3
11NichtsCharacter Extreme Repliroid
12B. Wolfang PRCharacter Proto Repliroid
13Nichts vs B. Wolfang PRGiga Story Giga Mission Story 4
14C. Yammark PRCharacter Proto Repliroid
15Escape! C. Yammark PRGiga Story Giga Mission Story 5
16M. Dragoon EXCharacter Extreme Repliroid
17X vs M. Dragoon EXGiga Story Giga Mission Story 6
18A Sudden ChangeGiga Story Giga Mission Story 7
19X (Extreme Armor)Character Irregular Hunter
20Nichts... Further EvolutionGiga Story Giga Mission Story 8
21Chaosbrahman OrochiCharacter Extreme Nightmare Police
22X vs Chaosbrahman OrochiGiga Story Giga Mission Story 9
23Z Saber of Victry Giga Story Giga Mission Story 10
24Zero's GhostGiga Story Giga Mission Epilogue


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The story of Rockman X Giga Mission was adapted in a short 12 page manga booklet by Iwamoto Yoshihiro, which came bundled with the Giga Mission cards. The story plays out similarly to the plot on the cards, with slight differences, for example, Slash Beast EX is the only revived Maverick that X fights, and X mentions that he would not allow another sad tragedy to unfold, implying how the final fight with Grow iX ended up.


  • Proto Reploids Blizzard Wolfang PR and Commander Yammark PR are not the same Reploids from X6, as their background stories explained that Wolfang was killed by researchers deceiving Alia into throwing him into the cold sea, making it look like an accident. While Yammark had his flight system sabotaged during maintenance, leading to a crash that killed him.
  • Sakitira CC can create rings of light by moving at high speeds and Pranara DD can do powerful punches.
    • While the cards described what abilities they have, they never engaged X in combat.

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