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Rockman X Giga Mission (ロックマンX ギガミッション) is the fifth chapter of the Rockman X Mega Mission series. It was released by Bandai in August 2019 as a package containing 24 cards, a clear binder, and a special comic booklet by Iwamoto Yoshihiro. Similar to Rockman X Mega Mission 4, an armor contest was held, this time to create a new armor for Zero. The winner was Infinity Zero.[1]


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Rockman X Giga Mission takes place between Mega Man X5 and Mega Man X6.

Card List

No.CardType Details
1XCharacter Irregular Hunter
2ZeroCharacter Irregular Hunter
3Dr. Doppler's LegacyGiga Story Giga Mission Prologue
4ExtremeCharacter Repliroid
5Sakitira CC & Pranara DDCharacter Nightmare Police
6Dispatch! Nightmare PoliceGiga Story Giga Mission Story 1
7S. Beastleo EXCharacter Extreme Repliroid
8X vs S. Beastleo EXGiga Story Giga Mission Story 2
9X (Proto Blade Armor)Character Irregular Hunter
10New Power! Proto Blade ArmorGiga Story Giga Mission Story 3
11NichtsCharacter Extreme Repliroid
12B. Wolfang PRCharacter Proto Repliroid
13Nichts vs B. Wolfang PRGiga Story Giga Mission Story 4
14C. Yammark PRCharacter Proto Repliroid
15Escape! C. Yammark PRGiga Story Giga Mission Story 5
16M. Dragoon EXCharacter Extreme Repliroid
17X vs M. Dragoon EXGiga Story Giga Mission Story 6
18A Sudden ChangeGiga Story Giga Mission Story 7
19X (Extreme Armor)Character Irregular Hunter
20Nichts... Further EvolutionGiga Story Giga Mission Story 8
21Chaosbrahman OrochiCharacter Extreme Nightmare Police
22X vs Chaosbrahman OrochiGiga Story Giga Mission Story 9
23Z Saber of Victry Giga Story Giga Mission Story 10
24Zero's GhostGiga Story Giga Mission Epilogue

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