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Rockman X Interactive (ロックマンX・インタラクティブ Rokkuman Ekkusu Intarakutibu) is the project name for a cancelled Mega Man X interactive game that was in development between 1995 and 1996. It entered pre-production before the similar Super Adventure Rockman, and greatly influenced its direction.[1]


Only part of the story is know, which include the beginning of the prologue and a jungle.

In the year 20XX, in a distant part of the countryside, Doctor Alex Neutral (ドクター・アレックス・ニュートラル) uses a supercomputer named NEUT-3000-EVE (ニュート3000-EVE), Eve (イブ) for short, which is capable of creating a virtual space of a possible future. Dr. Neutral uses those virtualizations in his research to predict different outcomes for the future of mankind, getting hold of information about different disasters that may happen to Earth, and then adjust the outcome in a new virtualization to find a way to prevent them. In one simulation from the 26th century, he interacts with a teenager woman mentioning that the future is wonderful and there is a boom in marriages between humans and Reploids.


In 21XX, (it is unknown if it is the real future or a simulation depicting the events from the first Mega Man X game) X enters a jungle and may fight against a Planty or Mad Pecker, and ends in a fight against Sting Chameleon. After leaving the jungle, X approaches a lake and encounters someone named Adam (アダム), and both see Death Rogumer engaged in combat.


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