Rockman X The Novel -Irregulars Report- (ロックマンX ザ・ノベル イレギュラーズレポート) is a novel based on the first Mega Man X game that was released on January 26, 2017 in Japan.


Day of Σ
X and Zero discover that Sigma became a Maverick and is leading the Maverick attacks happening around the city. X is attacked by Vile in a highway.
2雪原の皇帝 (Lord of the Snowy Plains)
Icy Penguigo
X stops Chill Penguin. The battle is shown from Penguin's point of view.
3豪速拳の雷王 (Lightning King of the Bullet Fists)
Spark Mandriller
X stops Spark Mandrill, but is heavy damaged after the battle. Armored Armadillo appears and tells X about the Mega Man legend, and X is knocked down by Vile.
4禁断の地 (Forbidden Ruins)
Dr. Cain
While Dr. Cain is repairing X, he remembers his past, including finding X in the ruins of Dr. Light's laboratory and creating the Reploids.
Launcher Octopuld
X goes after Launch Octopus, but when he arrives, he was brutally beaten by Vile so X could hurry up and get his weapon to become stronger, and hints him to go after Sting Chameleon.
Sting Chameleao
X faces Sting Chameleon.
7天空の貴公子と鋼鉄の甲弾闘士 (The Scion of the Skies and the Steel Armored Warrior)
Storm Eagleed & Armor Armarge
X faces Storm Eagle and Armored Armadillo. After their defeat, they reveal they were on X's side, but had to pretend to be enemies for the sake of their subordinates, and they hope that X can save them.
Burnin' Noumander
X faces Flame Mammoth.
Boomer Kuwanger
X faces Boomer Kuwanger.
10覚醒 (Awakening)
Vile challenges X and is disappointed that, despite growing stronger, is not stronger enough to entertain him, even when mocking X to enticing him with a captured Zero and revealing that he destroyed Storm Eagle's and Armored Armadillo's subordinates. Zero sacrifices himself to give X a chance, and X defeats Vile.
X faces Sigma, who reveals why he caused a Maverick uprising.
X fights against Sigma's giant body, losing the eight weapons and armor parts he had obtained during the battle in the effort to stop him.
After the battle, X reports what happened to Dr. Cain, and story ends with Dr. Cain's musing about what happened and the message from Dr. Light he found in X's capsule.



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