Fami2 Comic September 2007 issue

Rockman ZX Advent (ロックマンゼクスアドベント) is a manga adaptation of Mega Man ZX Advent, and thus a follow up to the Mega Man ZX manga. It was serialized in Fami2 Comic from September 2007 to April 2008 and had no tankōbon release until 2020, being included in a reprint of Rockman ZX by Fukkan commemorating the release of Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. The release also includes a continuation to the story, which will only be included in a separated booklet given as a limited bonus for purchasing both volumes together.[1]

It is currently unknown if UDON Entertainment will officially translate this manga.


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Ashe is a treasure hunter that works on dangerous missions to make profit, travelling alongside Grey and Model A.

Chapter 1

The manga begins by introducing Ashe, a treasure hunter that works on dangerous missions to make profit, with her bodyguard Grey and Model A, a perverted biometal. After finding a treasure and defeating an enemy, a little bee robot steals the treasure from Ashe's hands. Following it, the group meets with Queenbee the Hymenopteroid, a queen bee-type Pseudoroid who is obsessed with beautiful treasures and uses her bees to search sparkly things. Grey, in his innocence, does not understand what is happening and Ashe tells him that Queenbee is robbing them and they must defeat the enemy. Queenbee is offended by this accusation and attacks the heroes with the bees, so our heroes must flee. Model A asks Ashe to lend her another treasure since he has an idea, Ashe refuses, and the Biometal introduce into Ashe's blouse to take out the bag where she keeps the treasures. She punches him, throwing it straight to Queenbee's head. This causes the treasures to fall everywhere, and when the bees see them fall head straight to collect them, causing Queenbee to be distracted. Grey and Model A take advantage of this opportunity for Megamerge and with a Homing Shot manage to defeat Queenbee, but destroy all the treasures. Here they find the first fragment of the Biometal Model W. They take it to the hunters' guild to sell it, and discover that it is sold at a very high price (a million zennys exactly).



A preview of the first chapter that used to be in the game's official site.


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