CD box art, featuring Prometheus and Pandora

Rockman ZX Soundsketch -ZX GIGAMIX- (ロックマンゼクス サウンドスケッチ ZX GIGAMIX) is the third soundtrack album from the Mega Man ZX series, released on August 1, 2008 by Inti Creates. It includes "Gigamix Ver." remixes of songs from Mega Man ZX and Mega Man ZX Advent as selected by Hitoshi Ariga, "Soundsketch" audio drama tracks that express the world of the ZX series primarily through a cacophony of sound effects and dialogue, and "ZXportrait" audio drama tracks that focus on specific characters. In addition, it includes vocal tracks sung by the voice actors of Grey and Ashe, with Ashe's song being a remix of Be One from the ZXA Tunes soundtrack. The soundtrack's booklet also includes two artworks based on the ZXportrait tracks by Ariga and Yoshihiro Iwamoto.

Track listing

  1. The Chosen One - Gigamix Ver. -
  2. Green Grass Gradation - Gigamix Ver. -
  3. Soundsketch _ Grey Capsule (Some of the conversations recorded from inside Grey's capsule)
  4. Believe in Myself - feat. Grey -
  5. Whisper of Relics - Gigamix Ver. -
  6. ZXportrait _ Death and Witch (After Serpent is defeated, Prometheus and Pandora search for a new Biomatch)
  7. Drifting Floe - Gigamix Ver. -
  8. Overloaded - Gigamix Ver. -
  9. Soundsketch _ Help Fleuve! (Fleuve is fixing Sardine's toy while juggling requests from other Guardians)
  10. Flow of the Times
  11. Bullet Drive - Gigamix Ver. -
  12. Brilliant Show Window - Gigamix Ver. -
  13. ZXportrait _ Girls Bravo (Prairie, Aile and Fleuve go to a nearby city to refresh)
  14. En-trance Code - Gigamix Ver. -
  15. Freebirds
  16. Soundsketch _ Reconstruction of Cinq Ville (Some conversations recorded from the rebuilding site of the city after Serpent was overthrown)
  17. Be One - feat. Ashe -
  18. Awake - Gigamix Ver. -
  19. Trap Fanatics
  20. Battle Giga Mixture


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