Rockman Zero Collection Soundtrack - résonnant vie - (ロックマンゼロコレクションサウンドトラック 響命 ROCKMAN ZERO COLLECTION SOUNDTRACK Kyoumei, lit. Rockman Zero Collection Soundtrack - Resonant Life -) is an acoustic arrangement soundtrack featuring 13 songs from the Mega Man Zero series. The concept of "resonnant vie" is meant to be a paradox of using organic, non-electric music to represent the outlook of machine lifeforms like Reploids.[1]

The album contains a cover illustrated by Toru Nakayama, three collectors art cards, and a 12 page full color booklet featuring liner notes by Ippo Yamada and an interview with Luna Umegaki.


1.Cyberelf in Resonance4:01
2.For Endless Fight in Resonance4:28
3.Break Out in Resonance2:28
4.Ice Brain in Resonance 3:56
5.Labo in Resonance2:54
6.Trail on Powdery Snow in Resonance 4:46
7.Cold Smile in Resonance 3:24
8.Holy Land in Resonance 4:07
9.Falling Down in Resonance 3:48
10.Ciel d'aube in Resonance 4:46
11.Alouette March in Resonance 3:32
12.Awakening Will in Resonance4:18
13.Cannon Ball in Resonance3:48
Disc length- 50:16


III: Sound Create Unit

  • Ippo Yamada: Analog Synthesizer, Effects, Arrangement
  • Ryo Kawakami: Piano, Arrangement
  • Hiroki Isoguy: Music Box Programming
  • Luna Umegaki: Piano, Melodion, Arrangement
  • Tsutomu Kurihara: Guitars
  • Jun'ichi Yamada: Conga, Mini Djembe, Tambourine, Triangle, Sasara, Castanet, Cabasa, Sleigh Bells, Wind Chime, Cymbal, Snare Drum
  • Yuri Tokushima: Violin, Viola
  • Maki Sawano: Cello
  • Kuske: Saxophone, Hand Rattle, Bells, Kettle
  • Eddie: Djembe, Conga, Shaker


  • Producer: Ippo Yamada
  • Mix: Tsutomu Kurihara
  • Mastering: Ryo Kawakami
  • Illustration: Toru Nakayama
  • Design Works: KAME


  1. The Mega Man Network: Rockman Zero Soundtrack “resonnant vie” Officially Announced

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