Rockman no Huángjīn Dìguó (洛克人の黃金帝國 Luòkèrén no Huángjīn Dìguó, lit. "Rockman's Gold Empire") is a video game for the home computer (PC) released only in Taiwan and developed by Strawberry Software and Soft-World International.


The game is based on luck and strategy, much like RockBoard. Playable characters consist of Rockman (Mega Man), Forte (Bass), Blues (Proto Man), Duo, and a new character simply called "The Mayor". Dr. Wily is auto-controlled by the game. The objective of the game is very similar to Monopoly, you simply acquire assets by rolling the dice and spending money. Winning or losing doesn't seem to have an effect on the storyline.

Plot translated from the game manual

Because of Rockman’s bravery and wits, all of Dr. Wily’s new creations had fallen. Dr. Wily is very disappointed and decided to quit dominating the world and stop inventing new war machines.

When he was cleaning his Garage, he found a mysterious plan – “Gold Transfer” in his pile of robot plans. The plan shows how to transfer gold into pure energy, and combining with some certain material to form the ultimate alloy. Dr. Wily decided to examine this plan, and secretly plots to conquer the world.

On other hand, Forte left Dr. Wily and gave a part of the plan he had stolen to Dr. Right. Dr. Right told Rockman to collect gold quickly to stop Dr. Wily’s evil plans and he began to build structures to hold off Dr. Wily’s attack. So the adventure begins… (end of translation).

All of the art used on the packing and manual appears to be taken directly from Mega Man 8. Also, the opening video scenes seem to be taken from Mega Man 8 as well. Other than that, the game is mostly original compared to the other games in the series, using new music and uniquely original in-game graphics.


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