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Tribe Shooting Star Rockman Butou Gaiden (TRIBE流星のロックマン武闘外伝 roughly "Tribe Shooting Star Rockman Battle Side Story", written as "Rockman the Shooting Star TRIBE" in the manga) is a manga by Masaya Itagaki loosely based on Mega Man Star Force 2. It was serialized in CoroCoro Comics from February to July 2008 in six chapters, and later released in a single tankōbon volume in September 2, 2008. Berserk, Dinosaur, and Shinobi are separate entities in the manga.


Berserk, a survivor from the Shooting Star Rockman Tribe, goes to the continent of Mu to face Rogue (Burai), the one responsible for destroying his tribe when they were young. He defeats Yeti Blizzard with ease in the entrance and faces several guards until he reaches the first floor, the Party Room, where Dark Phantom (Phantom Black) tells him that he must climb several floors and defeat their guardians to reach Rogue in the eight floor, and creates a shadow copy of Berserk to face him.

After defeating his copy, he goes to the second floor, Boiler Room, and is surprised to see that its guardian is Dinosaur, who had survived the destruction of the Shooting Star Rockman Tribe. Dark Phantom tells him that Dinosaur now works for the continent of Mu, and Berserk must face him to proceed. Berserk manages to defeat Dinosaur and carries his unconscious friend with him. In the third floor, Bath Room, Plesio Surf (Brachio Wave) attacks them. Dinosaur awakens and breaks the ceiling, but this makes Terra Condor (Condor Geograph), the guardian of the fourth floor, Sauna Room, attack them, and now they must face the two at the same time. However, the two easily knock the guardians far away from Mu with a single attack.

In the fifth floor, a Japanese-style Room, Berserk and Dinosaur face Shinobi, another survivor from their Tribe. Shinobi challenges Berserk to a fight, and says that even if he defeats him, he would not stand a chance against his next opponents: General Auriga (Auriga General) from the sixth floor, who is three times more powerful than Dinosaur, Hollow (Empty) from the seventh floor, a highly intelligent sorcerer, and Rogue in the top floor. Berserk manages to defeat Shinobi and convinces him to join them. Suddenly, the ceiling collapses and the masters from the top floors, General Auriga and Hollow, appear to face them. However, someone appears and kills the two with a single strike: Rogue. Berserk angrily attacks Rogue and they fight.

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