Illustration from the first part.

Rockman wo Tsukutta Otokotachi - Rockman Tanjou Densetsu (ロックマンを作った男たち ロックマン誕生伝説 roughly "The Men Who Created Rockman: The Rockman Creation Legend") is a manga story by Hitoshi Ariga published in Comic Bom Bom in two parts in January and February 1995, and later added as part of the 2009 version from Rockman Megamix. The story is a slightly fictionalized telling of the hardships the staff had over the development of the video games Rockman and Rockman 2, which led to the creation of several games for different consoles.


  • Shinmei (神明) - The game planner. Represents Akira Kitamura (A.K.).
  • Kenji Izumi (泉 建二 Izumi Kenji) - The character and graphic designer. Represents Keiji Inafune (Inafking).
  • Honda (本多) - The programmer of the games. Represents Nobuyuki Matsushima (H.M.D.).
  • Momonai (桃内) - The music composer. Represents Manami Matsumae (Chanchacorin Manami / Manami Ietel).
  • The staff's superior.