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"Don't think this makes us friends. You and I, no, I mean... Your Link Power and I still have a score to settle. That's all."
―Rogue, Mega Man Star Force 2

Rogue, known as Burai (ブライ) in Japan, is the EM Wave Change of Solo, the last living person from Mu.

Personality and history

Main article: Solo


As Rogue, Solo's garb is traded for a black catsuit running down from his jawline, with the crest of Mu remaining across his chest, though now in crimson red. The suit runs uninterrupted along each limb until crossing the elbows and knees, at which point, with the exception of his right arm, they are further covered in sturdy black armor, each further alloyed with the red Wave-Ride Boost System (which takes the form of a slotted red coil with a single red spine proceeding from itself). His right arm, by comparison, bears only the Darklight Harvester, a thick dark bracelet that turns his right fist and forearm into a mass of wreathing purple flames. His throat is guarded by a silver neck-guard, somewhat similar to a gorget. He also bears two knobbed spaulders seemingly of the same material. His helmet bears a striking similarity to Mega Man's; excusing its black and red color-scheme, it too is only a partial guard, and reveals his hair in its entirety - however, instead of altering Solo's hair color, Rogue's hair instead flies straight upwards. Also of note is that Rogue's helmet too bears a visor - in answer to Mega Man's own Visualize Visor, Rogue bears the Wave Predictor, a dark purple, X-shaped visor that seems to be layered across Rogue's helmet instead of being inserted into it like Mega Man's.


Height: 150cm
Weight: 40kg

  • Wave Predictor (ウェーブプレディクター Wēbu Puredikutā):
    This visor detects and displays information about EM Energy present in the atmosphere. By tracking the flow of energy, this device makes it possible to predict an opponent's movements, giving its owner a strategic advantage in battle.
  • Crest of Mu (ムーの紋章 Mū no Monshō):
    This crest denotes lineage that can be traced back to the continent of Mu. It is believed that Rogue was created using Mu technology, much of which has yet to be fully understood. In addition, because the crest itself emits considerable amounts of EM Energy, it is theorized that it forms the foundation for Rogue's defensive EM barrier.
  • Darklight Harvester (ダークライトハーヴェスター Dākuraito Hāvuesutā):
    A bracelet that allows for the control and manipulation of dark combat energy, this device can transform and release this combat energy in a wide variety of forms, and can also convert it into a formidable sword. Were it not for the Darklight Harvester, dark energy would run wild, even injuring Rogue himself.
  • Indie Darkness (ココウノヤミ Kokō no Yami, "Solitude Darkness"):
    This force of pure darkness bound to Rogue's right hand possesses an impossible-to-analyze structure, but appears to be imbued with a combat energy even stronger than EM Energy. Renowned for its unparalleled destructive capabilities.
  • Wave-Ride Boost System (ウェーブライドブーストシステム Wēbu Raido Būsuto Shisutemu):
    Rogue is fully equipped with boosters which shoot bursts of EM Energy, allowing him to move freely in all directions. These boosters take advantage of Rogue's already-advanced abilities, enabling an endless variety of moves that range from high-impact attacks to impossibly agile movements.

Power and Abilities

Initial Moves

Rogue uses martial arts-esque techniques. He likes to combo, following one technique with another.

  • Rogue Arts (ブライアーツ Burai Ātsu,
    Burai Arts)
    Rogue jumps in front of the player and attacks with a combination of punches and a kick. As his power increases, so does the length of the combo. This is called Rogue Fist in the English Mega Man X DiVE.
  • Rogue Burst (ブライバースト Burai Bāsuto,
    Burai Burst)
    Using the power of the Darklight Harvester, Rogue uses an uppercut to fire off a powerful shock-wave that travels down two columns.
  • Rogue Fist [4] (ブライナックル Burai Nakkuru,
    Burai Knuckle)
    Using the power of the Darklight Harvester, Rogue launches a series of large, flaming fists from his own down the columns in a pattern. It is possible to dodge this attack.

Post Indie Proof

When Rogue gains the Indie Proof (ここうのあかし Kokō no Akashi, "Proof of Isolation") from Hollow, purple energy bursts from under the ground he stands on. He also gains his signature ability, the EM Barrier. He carries these technique to his ultimate form, Rogue SX (ソリチュードエックス Sorichūdo Ekkusu, Solitude X) [5]. The Indie Proof is called Symbol of Pride in the English Mega Man X DiVE.

  • EM Barrier (電波障壁しょうへき Denpa Shōheki,
    Radio Wave Barrier)
    In his EX forms and above, he gains an invisible EM wave barrier that blocks attacks that would otherwise injure him while he dodges around. It is easily ruptured, but is regenerated after every strike Rogue makes - under normal circumstances, it is only dropped during an attack, after which it immediately regenerates.
    • When Rogue's Barrier is active, any lock-on cursors will break for a period of time. In Star Force 2, Auto Lock ability won’t break however, as it doesn’t spawn a cursor. This ability is called Lock-On Nullification (ロックオン無効 Rokku On Mukō) in Mega Man X DiVE.
    • In Star Force 3, this ability is called Mu Barrier (ムーリジェクション Mū Rijekushon, Mu Rejection). Auto Lock will break lock on as it spawns a cursor in this game. Some sources still calls this ability EM Barrier[6], Rogue Noise and Giga Card calls it Mu Barrier in-game. It's of note that he no longer exudes purple energy from the ground.
  • Super Armor (スーパーアーマー Sūpā Āmā):
    Rogue cannot flinch (SX form only).
  • Float Shoes (フロートシューズ Furōto Shūzu):
    Rogue can step over special panels while avoiding their effects (SX form only).

Rogue Sword

After obtaining the Indie Proof in Star Force 2, when Rogue is in low health, he calls on a great-sword that adds even more attacks to his arsenal. Also of note is that, Rogue carries the blade in his hand, in contrast to Mega Man, whose blades extend from his arms.

  • Rogue Sword (ブライソード Burai Sōdo,
    Burai Sword)
    Rogue moves up to the player's position and performs several slashes, each at a different range.
  • Rogue Break (ブライブレイク Burai Bureiku,
    Burai Break)
    Rogue's signature attack - he pauses in his assault for a moment, charging up a bit of energy before bringing it smashing down on a large area. This attack must be blocked, but not from the panel hit directly by the sword, which will shatter Mega Man's shield. In the anime, Rogue doesn't slam it to the ground, but use it as a blast from his sword.

Laplace Blade

In Star Force 3, Rogue’s partner, Laplace, becomes the Laplace Blade (ラプラスブレード Rapurasu Burēdo). Rogue wields this in place of his Rogue Sword and can deliver hard hitting attacks. Unlike Rogue Sword, he calls Laplace at the start of battle. Rogue carries these techniques even after learning to weaponize the power of Noise as Rogue ZZ (ダブルゼット Daburu Zetto, Double Z)[7].

  • Laplace Sword (ラプラスソード Rapurasu Sōdo):
    Rogue jumps to the center panel of the third column and strikes both rows in front of him with a slash of the Laplace sword - unless blocked, this attack will paralyze Mega Man and set him up for a Arts/Burst/Knuckle attack.
    • A part of Laplace Sword’s attack is similar to the Battle Card, Spin Blade (ダンシングブレード Danshingu Burēdo,
      Dancing Blade)
      . Laplace will come flying through Mega Man's area at an angle. This slash will hit multiple times. It is possible to dodge this attack.
  • Ground Break Sword (グラウンドブレイクソード Guraundo Bureiku Sōdo):
    Two panels in front of the player will flash. Rogue will then descend on the player, breaking the panels. This attack must be dodged.
  • Crossroad Rogue Break (クロスロードブライブレイク Kurosurōdo Burai Bureiku,
    Crossroad Burai Break)
    Rogue disappears, and Mega Man must dodge two Spin Blade attacks from opposite directions, followed by the fully powered Rogue Break, which must be both dodged and blocked from a panel other than where Rogue's sword impacts the field. As with the regular Rogue Break, this breaks the affected panels.


Rogue in the anime.

Main article: Burai (anime)

In the anime, Rogue does not have the Indie Proof at all, but still has the sword, which he pulls out from his left hand. His battle style is very aggressive that relies purely on attack, with almost no defensive move available. He uses brute force and power to block or dissipate attacks, or uses lightning like reflexes to dodge. Later on, he shows to learn how to use Battle Cards.

Instead of having an EM Barrier, Rogue instead has the ability to temporarily turn intangible to even EM Waves, so he can phase through some attacks and traps. He uses this ability on a few occasions, allowing Radar Missile Battle Card to pass through him and to escape from ice that encased his legs from a Freeze Knuckle used on the ground. He also uses it to throw his opponents, as shown when he phased his hand through Mega Man's chest and grabbed his face to throw him. This technique seems to have limits as he doesn't use this move continuously, or at all against some opponents, like Hollow.

Mega Man X DiVE

"His name is Rouge, because he relies on no one"
Rouge is the EM Wave Charge of Solo, the last living descendent of Mu, an ancient civilization. Due to his immense power, he was feared by others. Rouge often laments the weakness and fragility of human beings and the fact that mankind has to cooperate in numbers to achieve anything. Even in their numbers, mankind is still no match for his individual might. He dismisses the concept of "camaraderie" that people cherish as something trite and he is the rival of Geo Stelar (Mega Man). Putting his pride, dignity and his own camaraderie on the linem he seeks to engage Mega Man in a "manly showdown".

Battle Cards

Mega Man Star Force 2

Battle Card ID Image Battle Card Description Attack Element Star Carrier no.
Mega Card 007 SF2 BC M007.png Rogue
4-shot consecutive fwd attack. 40 BC Element Null.png None 35304
Mega Card 008 SF2 BC M008.png RogueE


Burai EX)
4-shot consecutive fwd attack. 50 BC Element Null.png None 35552
Mega Card 009 SF2 BC M009.png RogueS


Burai SP)
4-shot consecutive fwd attack. 60~90 BC Element Null.png None 36084
Giga Card 002
BC SF2 RogueBreak.png RogueBreak
Burai Break)
Far 3x3 pnl sword attack RogueBreak. 450 BC Element Null.png None 43130
Mega Card
(Blank Card)
SF2-BC-Blank-RogueSword.png RogueSwrd
Burai Sword)
Rogue slices enemies in frnt of you! 50 BC Element Null.png None -
Mega Card
(Blank Card)
SF2-BC-Blank-RogueSwordEX.png RgueSwrdE


Burai Sword EX)
Rogue slices enemies in frnt of you! 70 BC Element Null.png None -
Mega Card
(Blank Card)
SF2-BC-Blank-RogueSwordSP.png RgueSwrdS


Burai Sword SP)
Rogue slices enemies in frnt of you! 100 BC Element Null.png None -

Mega Man Star Force 3

Battle Card ID Image Battle Card Description Attack Element
Mega Card 034 SF3 BC M034.png Rogue
4-shot consecutive fwd attack 40 BC Element Null.png None
BC Attribute Break.png Break
Mega Card 035 SF3 BC M035.png RogueV


Burai V2)
4-shot consecutive fwd attack 50 BC Element Null.png None
BC Attribute Break.png Break
Mega Card 036 SF3 BC M036.png RogueV


Burai V3)
4-shot consecutive fwd attack 70 BC Element Null.png None
BC Attribute Break.png Break
Illegal Card
(Mega Card)
Xxx rogueX.png RogueX
Burai X)
4-shot consecutive fwd attack 90 BC Element Null.png None
BC Attribute Break.png Break
Giga Card 005
(Black Ace)
G5a murejection.png MuBarrier
Mu Rejection)
Regenerate wall of Mu w/each move - BC Element Null.png None
Illegal Card
(Giga Card)
Sf3 Rogue break.PNG RogueBreak
Burai Break)
Far 3x3 pnl sword attack RogueBreak 450 BC Element Null.png None
BC Attribute Sword.png Sword
BC Attribute Break.png Break

Battle Chips

Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star

ID Image Battle Chip Description Attack Element Code Rarity
181 Rogue chip exeoss.png Battle Chip icon Navi Chip.png Burai
A sword that hits 3 squares with 3 hits!
60 BC Element Null.png None B *****

Mega Man Forms

Rogue Zerker

Rogue Noise

Mega Man can gain special forms that are based on Rogue by using methods that severs his use of Brother Bands, and by extension, any extra Link Power boosts. These forms are not acknowledged by story and are given through side events. Both forms give Mega Man the EM Barrier and a boost to his Sword Battle Cards.

In Mega Man Star Force 2, he can set the Indie Frags in all of his Brother Band slots and form the Indie Proof to become Mega Man Rogue. In Mega Man Star Force 3, if his Brother Band slots are empty, the Noise Change can randomly bestow him with Rogue Noise.



The word rogue is usually used to describe someone who is rebellious or mischievous. Another meaning of the word is "vagabond," a person who roams from place to place.

In biology, the word rogue can also be used to describe an inferior organism, though this pertains more to plants and the usage in such a way is to the irony of Rogue's level of strength compared to many other EM Beings.

Rogue is a relatively accurate translation of his Japanese name, Burai (無頼), which also refers to rogues or villainy. Burai (ブライ) tends to be ignorantly transliterated into names like "Bly", "Bligh" and "Blaye". Worse, these words tend to be quite positive, not at all fitting the character: Bly means "happy" and Bligh means "bliss".


  • CoroCoro Comics has advertised that Rogue fills the rival role akin to ProtoMan.EXE and Bass.EXE are to their MegaMan. Both of their basic attitudes and traits are succeeded by Rogue.
  • Rogue is the only character to have two separate speaking avatars for one form in the same game. In Star Force 2, Rogue has two avatars: his standard avatar (showing his face at an angle) and one used after gaining the Indie Proof (showing his face looking directly forward). This second avatar can also be seen when speaking to Rogue SX.
  • The above Wallpaper of Rogue standing atop a horde of defeated enemies belongs to a selection of Star Force 2 official art - the other three pieces depict Mega Man fighting similar enemies in each of his primary Tribe forms.

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