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Rolento F. Schugerg (ロレント・F・シュゲルグ Rorento F Shugerugu), more commonly referred by his first name, is a video game character from both the Final Fight and Street Fighter series. He first appeared as a boss character in the first Final Fight, but later evolved into a playable fighter in Street Fighter Alpha 2.

Mega Man related appearances

Street Fighter X Mega Man

He is one of the eight bosses that appear in Street Fighter X Mega Man and the only character representative of the Final Fight series. His weakness is the Soul Satellite.


  • Mine Sweeper (small explosives)
  • Stinger (an airborn projectile attack)
  • Mekong Delta Attack (a rolling attack)
  • Mekong Delta Air-Raid (an airborn melee attack)
  • Patriot Circle (a three-hit combo strike)
  • Super Combo: Patriot Sweeper (a three-hit combo followed up by grenade explotions)


Rolento is extremely dangerous, featuring a wide arsenal of moves and weaponry. He has many ways to move around the stage, one of them is when using his Mekong Delta Attack, a type of rolling attack that goes across the floor, Mega Man would have to jump over it. He also has his Mekong Delta Air-Raid a variant of the former attack, but instead, it will spin backwards and then jump forward and strike with his rod, which can be avoided with a slide attack. He will also throw 3 Mine Sweepers across the floor when rolling. He also has a pogostick move, which he also uses to move around, that deals contact damage, it can be slided under, or jumped over at the right time. His Stinger attack, when Rolento jumps and throws a knife downwards, can be avoided by sliding. His Patriot Circle is one of his most dangerous moves, he will do a fast three hit combo with his rod taking a good chunk of damage. It can be avoided by jumping over. Sometimes he will do the first hit of the attack and then throw knives up into the air, which can land on the location that Mega Man was when the knives went offscreen. When his Super Combo Gauge is charged, he will use his Super Combo, Patriot Sweeper, which is just a Patriot Circle attack followed up by Rolento jumping up into the air and throw four Mine Sweepers into the floor, which the explotion can be avoided by just standing on the side of the screen where the explotions will not reach Mega Man.

With the Soul Satellite, it's recommended to enter the boss fight with the weapon already active, so when the fight starts, Mega Man will be protected from upcoming projectiles, or just attacks that closes Rolento to him, the Satellite shield deals a big ammount of contact damage to Rolento. But be cautious about his rolling attacks.

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