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Roll Caskett (ロール・キャスケット Rōru Kyasuketto) is a character from the Mega Man Legends series based on Roll from the original Mega Man series. She was raised by her grandfather and is best friends with the main character, MegaMan Volnutt. Roll is a caring person and is always concerned with MegaMan's safety when he is on a digout.

Roll is an enthusiastic tomboyish genius mechanic and can create, repair, modify, and pilot almost any type of machine. She is in charge of piloting and maintaining her family's airship, the Flutter, and is shown piloting other vehicles. Roll is also MegaMan's Spotter; she gives him information via radio based on what she can see with her equipment. She builds new parts for him, including Special Weapons and Buster Parts, from what he finds on his digs.[1]


Roll is the granddaughter of the famous professor Barrell Caskett, who has raised her ever since her parents Matilda and Banner disappeared searching for the Mother Lode in Forbidden Island. She wants to find the Mother Lode before anyone else, being motivated by her hopes that her parents are still alive and will find them. When Barrell found MegaMan Volnutt, he raised him alongside Roll. Roll supports MegaMan in his adventures as a Digger.

Mega Man Legends

When the Flutter crash-lands in Kattelox Island, Roll, MegaMan, Barrell, and Data are stuck on the island until their airship is repaired. She supports MegaMan in his adventure as his spotter and she also develops new parts for him so early in the game, she gives a walkie-talkie to MegaMan so he can call her, being able to transport him around the island with the Support Car. Using the large Refractors found by MegaMan, Roll repairs Wily's boat to take MegaMan to the Lake Jyun Sub-Gate, and later uses the Flutter to reach the entrance of the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate.

Mega Man Legends 2

One year after leaving Kattelox Island, Barrell is invited by Verner Von Bluecher to go in a new expedition to Forbidden Island with the giant airship Sulphur-Bottom and she is sad that they may find the Mother Lode before her, deciding to stay in the Flutter instead of accompanying her grandfather. While Roll and MegaMan were watching the conference on the Sulphur-Bottom with their TV, Roll saw the strange woman that looks like her mother Matilda, and MegaMan cheers her up to make her go discover if that's really her. While going to the Sulphur-Bottom, Data accidentally starts a fire on the Flutter, and Roll tries to repair the emergency sprinklers while MegaMan extinguishes the flames. If the player takes too long or receives much damage, she will fix them.

To be able to pass by Forbidden Island's storm and save the Sulphur-Bottom and its crew (which got stuck in the storm because of Gatz's attack), Roll decides to create a Dropship, a vehicle originally designed by her father. MegaMan and Roll go to the Calinca continent to buy parts for it in Yosyonke City. In the city's Junk Shop, Roll shows the ship's schematics and the owner asks if they are friends of Joe, the man that just left the shop and was also working on a Dropship, having similar schematics. Roll wonders if Joe knows her father, and goes to his laboratory, were his "daughter" says he went to Yosyonke's Abandoned Mine to find a Refractor for the Dropship. They hurry to the mine to help Joe, and find him badly injured, taking him back to Yosyonke to be treated. Joe says his Dropship is almost complete, and allows them to use it. When Roll asks about her parents, Joe laments for not being able to help, as he has amnesia and doesn't remember anything, saying he had the blueprints with him when he was found near Yosyonke. Roll completes Joe's Dropship and MegaMan uses it to save the Sulphur-Bottom.

Inside Bluecher's airship, MegaMan and Roll learn about the four keys to the Mother Lode, and return to the Flutter to go after them, Roll staying in the Flutter most of the time. During the course of the game, MegaMan can talk with Roll inside the Flutter to travel, give gifts to her, and give money to her to repair the damage caused by the fire in the beginning. Roll can become happy or angry with MegaMan depending of his actions, which influences the prices of her weapon upgrades (by buying a new tool kit or breaking them) and what she writes on her diary.

In Manda Island, Tron Bonne jams Roll's transmission and uses a voice modifier to talk like Roll, trying to make MegaMan think she is a bad person, but after her defeat, the transmission returns and MegaMan is happy to see the person talking wasn't her. In Nino Island, Roll repairs the Parabola Gun to defeat Glyde's airship, King Glydon. When they return to Calinca, Roll pilots the train modified by Joe to help MegaMan fight against the Gemeinschaft. When MegaMan is severely injured in the battle against Geetz, Roll got very worried with him, asking Yuna many times if there was anything she could do to help. When Yuna said he would probably going to be all right, she almost started crying, and is relieved when he regains consciousness. MegaMan than goes to Elysium, and doesn't return. It's unclear if Roll knows for sure if the woman that looks like her mother (which body is being used by Yuna) is really Matilda or someone else.

At the end of the second game, she is seen working with Tron on building a rocket to retrieve MegaMan from Elysium, their tenth rocket exploding. Unfortunately, her working with Tron results in the two of them fighting on details and refusing to accept Data's help, leaving Data to lament on how long MegaMan will be stuck up there.

Mega Man Legends 3

Roll would have appeared in Mega Man Legends 3, in which she would have worked on the 28th rocket to rescue MegaMan; however, the game was cancelled in July 2011.

Other appearances

Yamato Man

In the demo Rockman DASH 2 Episode 1, Roll gives a tutorial to Rock in the first mission. In the fourth mission, she is kidnapped by Tron and placed inside a crate in Manda Island. Rock tries to rescue her, but after defeating the Kobuns and Tron's Jagd Krabbe, he discovers Data had already saved her.

Roll appeared in the mobile phone games Rockman DASH: 5tsu no Shima no Daibouken! and Kobun ga Tobun?.

In Namco × Capcom, Roll appears alongside Rock Volnutt as a playable unit, though the only time she actively assists in attacking enemies with Rock is when she tosses a Crush Bomb after he fires his Buster.

Roll is one of the characters that could be obtained during the Capcom Collaboration X event in Otoranger.

Yamato Spear

Mega Man X DiVE

Roll Caskett appeared in the story from the event Maleficent Hero and as a S rank Hunter Program. Her Active Skills are Throw Wrench and Hunter Seeker.

Cameo appearances


Mega Man Legends 2

Like the "favorability" system, Mega Man Legends 2 has a system that determines how well Roll and MegaMan get along. The value starts at 0 (normal), and it changes when it reaches around 16385 (happy) or -16385 (angry). Maximum value is 32767, and minimum is -32767. When Roll is happy with MegaMan, she will buy new tools to help him, decreasing development prices by 10%. If she gets angry, she will lash out on her tools and break them, which increases the prices by 10%.

There are two scenes that are triggered by this, and only once each, indicating that Roll's mood changed. Roll will disappear from the Flutter's bridge, Data informing the reason. When she is happy, she goes to the bathroom to take a bath, and Data suggests MegaMan to do the same, causing him to see Roll in the bath. If Roll is angry, she will be in her bed, sad with MegaMan's behavior. Both events are added to Roll's diary.

Action Value
Make a 100z donation to the cathedral in Yosyonke City. 0 (Japanese version)
+1 (English version)
Make a 10,000z donation to the cathedral. +10
Make a 50,000z donation to the cathedral. +100
Make a 300,000z donation to the cathedral. +1000
Make a 1,000,000z donation to the cathedral. +10000
Pay for the Flutter's repairs. +3000
Buy Toilet Cleaner, Houseplant, Comic Book, Vase, Painting, and Game Cartridge to the Flutter. +1000 each
Buy the Wallpaper for Roll's room. +10000
Gift Roll the doll and the cushion. +3000 each
Gift Roll the Sulphur-Bottom model. +5000
Kimotoma City statue repaired with MegaMan's donations. +500
If Roll is feeling down due to MegaMan's bad behavior, say "I'm sorry; I'll try". +10000
If Roll is feeling down due to MegaMan's bad behavior, say "Oh, leave me alone, busybody". -5000
Trigger the bathroom scene. -500
Fail to extinguish the fire in the first mission. -5000
Shoot down the Flutter during the third Nino Island mission. -10000
Sell a Picnic Lunch. -5000
Shot Roll in the Calinca Tundra. -100 per hit
If Roll falls in the Calinca Tundra. -1000


No. 0718 Roll Caskett
Roll Caskett
Series Rockman DASH
Type Rockman
Attribute Fire
Rarity ♪♪♪♪♪♪
Max. Level 70
Max. Stamina 1812
Max. Attack Power 1023
Max. Fever Value 1000%
Special Move Handmade Lunch During the next turn, automatically tap a marker
Fever Attack Big Dai Capcom "Eat this! Capsule Computer!"
Leader Skill Sulphur-Bottom Model When combo with no miss, recover 5% stamina every turn
Text Digout (archaeological digging) navigator. Partner and girlfriend of the searcher Rock Volnutt. An outstanding mechanic that is capable of anything from weapons development, modifications, and maneuvering large airships!



  • As a Carbon, Roll Caskett is the only incarnation of Roll in the Mega Man franchise to be an organic being.
  • In Mega Man Legends 2, if MegaMan shows Roll affection by getting her things from gift shops and by protecting her in the Calinca Tundra, she will write in her diary about her feelings towards MegaMan. This is obviously hinting at a love relationship Roll has with him (reading it if the player returns from Elysium has Roll openly state that she loves him), but it's never revealed in the main story. Presumably, it would have been resolved in Mega Man Legends 3 had it not been cancelled.
  • At one point in Mega Man Legends, if the player walk into Roll's room after fixing the Flutter, there is a scene where she embarrassedly shouts at MegaMan for walking into her room (it's implied that he walked in on her while she was changing), and then tells him to knock next time. After apologizing, MegaMan raises his fist in a victory pose (this is, for reasons unknown, absent in the US version).
    • A similar event to the above also happens in Mega Man Legends 2; after treating Roll well enough (e.g. by buying Roll the three gift items from island shops and purchasing the Flutter decorations), she disappears from the cockpit of the Flutter, leaving only Data in the room. Data suggests that MegaMan should take a bath, but if the player goes to the Flutter bathroom and enters, a voice-only scene "Eek! What do you think you're doing?!" implies that MegaMan walked in on Roll taking a bath herself (Roll later mentions both this and the above event in her diary). Mega also raises his fist in a victory pose. Interestingly enough, this indicates that Roll's affection for MegaMan is strong enough to drop all weapon upgrade prices by 10%.
    • If, however, MegaMan mistreats Roll too much (e.g. by attacking her in the Calinca Tundra or selling her Picnic Lunches), Roll will disappear from the Flutter's Bridge too, but Data will tell that she is resting in her room. If MegaMan visits Roll's room, he'll find Roll lying on her bed face down. When talked to, Roll says that she is worried about MegaMan's behaviors, and asks him whether he can be "a little more serious". If the player answers "I'm sorry; I'll try", Roll will be comforted and things will likely be back to normal; however, if the player answers "Oh, leave me alone, busybody", Roll will be further depressed, and the next time MegaMan visits the Development Room, he will be informed by Roll that her development tools are broken, and will need to pay 10% more for his Special Weapon upgrades. It should be noted that if the player has mistreated Roll really seriously, answering either line will not help avoid the price increase.
    • Both the discount and the price hike can be triggered and disabled over and over again by taking the opposite actions (i.e. decrease Roll's affection for MegaMan by mistreating her and vice versa), but both events can happen only once.
  • The pattern on the original Roll's broom is similar to the pattern on Roll Caskett's hat.
  • Her surname, Caskett, is a distorted interpretation of the writing of the French word "casquette", that means cap in English, probably referring to her hat. In the Japanese instruction manual for the PSP installment of Mega Man Legends 2, Roll and Barrell's last name is actually subtitled "Casquet".
  • At one point in Mega Man Legends 2, during travel with MegaMan, if MegaMan attempts to pick Roll, she will slap MegaMan, saying "Eek!" or "Stop it MegaMan!". This actually decreases MegaMan's HP, and can therefore kill him if overdone.
  • Between Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Legends 2, Roll sold all of MegaMan's Special Weapons and Buster parts in exchange of the new Flutter engine that was able to catch up with Sulphur-Bottom. This was to prevent MegaMan from being overpowered on the early bit of Mega Man Legends 2.