Romeda Andou (安藤ロメダ Andō Romeda) is a character in Rockman.EXE Stream. Her show, “Lucky Fortune”, makes extremely accurate romantic predictions, having predicted several celebrity relationship and divorces. She recommends a “weekly love item” to her viewers, and tells them information on when and where to make a “wish”. Anetta is a big fan. During the episode Meiru Sakurai and Roll.EXE watch, she recommends a pair or rimless glasses for the weekly love item and tells the audience to look at the south-southwest sky at 9 PM and make a wish and stating that if they wish to tour the studio to send a letter.

Romeda runs into fellow fortune teller Kazuko and the two tell each other to work hard. Later that night, it is shown that she is in possession of Asteroid StarMan.EXE, who is helping her tell her fortunes as well as make them come true.

Romeda Andou's "Lucky Fortune" show.

During her next show, she tells the audience that that week’s lucky love item is something they have in common with the male they’re interested in and tells them that if they want to wish for their interest’s love, to face the northern sky at 8 PM and wish for him.

After Kazuko finishes her show, she tells Romeda she should join her on her next show, as her skills have greatly improved. Despite accepting, the show’s next theme is future events, whereas Romeda specializes in love predictions. StarMan offers to make a meteorite hit the earth, which she says she’ll think about.

Meiru visits Romeda in an attempt to get a love prediction for her and Netto, but she simply tells her that week’s love item is a cute tail before walking off. Kazuko asks if Romeda is ready for her prediction, which she reluctantly agrees to. StarMan has her take him to the roof, and Meiru follows. StarMan has Romeda slot in her Dimensional Chip and ignores Romeda’s idea of a romantic meteor shower that goes into the ocean, and instead summons a massive meteor to hit Akihara, which will devastate the city. She begs StarMan to stop the meteor, but he states it’s too late. She watches StarMan and Cross Fusion Roll fight before Netto joins and deletes StarMan.

Romeda reels over the lose of StarMan, but Meiru reassures her that her love predictions are still very accurate. On Kazuko’s show, she tells her that she didn’t predict a future event, but that that week’s love item is a cute tail, which all the girls are shown to be wearing. Fortune Telling Shooting Star of Love


  • Romeda, Mameo, and Yui Hazuki are the only Asteroid Navi operators who were innocent and unwilling participants when their Navis began caused chaos, having been unaware of their power. All other Asteroid operators were criminals or willing to commit crimes to achieve their goals.