Rompers (ロンパーズ Ronpāzu) are miniature walking soldier enemies in Mega Man 8 and Mega Man & Bass. These little robots tend to inhabit the circus/carnival related stages, like Clown Man and Magic Man's stages. In Clown Man's stage, some are dropped from a large balloon carrying them. If they reach the player, they will latch on to them to impede movement and drain their energy (in Mega Man 8) or shake Screws off (in Mega Man & Bass). In Mega Man & Bass, they also appear in King's second stage and Dr. Wily's stage. They also appear in the battle with Magic Man if the player shoots the orbs that Magic Man throws. They are not very strong however and are easily defeated with the standard Buster shots. Amusingly, if they happen to get sucked in by the Tornado Hold in Mega Man 8, they will be comically flung into the sky, complete with a twinkling star in anime style fashion.


The Kikyoon (キキューン Kikyūn) is the Rompers' main aircraft. One Romper uses binoculars to guide the others, while they drop capsules containing Rompers. These balloons only appear in Clown Man's stage from Mega Man 8. Its name comes from the Japanese word for balloon (気球 kikyū).

Rompers G

Rompers G (ロンパーズG) are green Rompers from Mega Man & Bass that are more resistant than red Rompers. Instead of draining life energy, they remove Screws from their targets.