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Rose (ローズ Roozu) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series who made her debut in Street Fighter Alpha as part of the starting lineup. She is the first Italian fighter to be introduced, as well as the third playable female character in the series, after Chun-Li and Cammy. Rose is a serene, respectful, intelligent, and independent woman who muses quite a lot on destiny and fate. Wise and sophisticated, she is not prone to anger easily, and has a very calm demeanor, even in battle.

Mega Man related appearances

Street Fighter X Mega Man

She is one of the eight bosses that appear in Street Fighter X Mega Man. Her weakness is the Tropical Hazard.


  • Soul Spark (a projectile attack)
  • Soul Spiral (a strike attack)
  • Soul Reflect (a deflective attack)
  • Super Combo: Soul Satellite (summons orbital projectiles that deal damage on contact)


She has the tendency to teleport behind Mega Man and attack with a slide, that will deal contact damage, which Mega Man can just simply slide or walk away from to avoid getting hit. She will also use the Soul Spark, a slow purple projectile that can be avoided by either sliding or jumping, it can also be destroyed with buster shots. The Soul Spiral is a fairly strong attack that she will do constantly to move across the stage and to attempt to strike Mega Man. If Mega Man attempts to use his Mega Buster against her, she will deflect his shots with her Soul Reflect. When her Super Combo Gauge is charged, she will attack with her Soul Satellite, summoning two rotating projectiles around herself. It is highly recommended to destroy the projectiles as quickly as possible because when she teleports, her orbs will go up in the air, and once Rose teleports to Mega Man, those projectiles will enclose him with her and he will be get hit.

With the Tropical Hazard, the best strategy is to get one watermelon on the screen while on the ground, then walk against it, and once Rose teleports back to Mega Man, jump so she will get hit with the watermelon. The weapon can also be used as a shield for her Soul Sparks. Once she uses her Soul Satellite, Mega Man can just shoot one watermelon near Rose, so when the projectiles start rotating, they will hit the watermelon and they will get destroyed.

Stage enemies

Note that none of the names are official.

Other appearances

Rose also appears alongside Mega Man characters in Namco × Capcom.

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