Route is a minor character in Rockman.EXE Stream. She is an AI apart from the main network that was originally created as a guidance systems for cars.

She appears as a guide for an automobile museum that Netto Hikari, Chisao, and Rush were touring. Like Aki, Route is not a NetNavi, and is thus unable to freely roam the cyberworld.

Route explains to the group that because the autopilot system she was created to control was never utilized in cars, the facility it was being tested in and herself were repurposed into a car museum, with her as guide. Later, when Ken uses Asteroid BrightMan to control the cars in the museum with the autopilot system to bring them to a dock Ken and Mary's boss was waiting at, Route uses all of her energy to overcome BrightMan’s programming, retaking control of the autopilot system to save Cross Fused Rockman from the Asteroid Navi, and is deleted in the process. However, her data was backed up and Route resumed her duties as the guide for the museum, though because her backup data was made before she helped Netto and Rockman, she had no memory of it. Route-san's Close Call!

She later where she is explaining Dimensional Converters cars to the museum’s guests, including Netto. Later, when BeastMan destroys the Dimensional Converters and the eclipse prevents Netto from cross fusing, Dr. Wily sends Dingo, Hinoken, Madoi, and Mahajarama to retrieve the Dimensional Area cars, and TomahawkMan tells Route that Netto and Rockman are in danger. Cross Fusion Impossible!



  • Route’s name is named after routing, which is the process of selecting a path for information to take form one place to the next, joining the many characters who are named after network terms.