Rush upgraded

This article is about the Mega Man: Fully Charged character. For others, see Rush.

Rush is a character from Mega Man: Fully Charged. He is the robot dog of the Light family.


At first, Rush resembled a real dog more than his original counterpart, having brown skin/"fur" and mechanical details in metallic red.

After being injured by Lord Obsidian in Lightfall Part II, Rush has been upgraded to be able to transform into a battle mode which closely resembles his game counterpart but with blue highlights and a blue visor.


Rush is normally playful and joyful, but occasionally his mood gets dampened, usually by Aki and Suna's ongoing fight over him.

He is a smart dog capable of understanding his owners to some extent.


Normal form

Rush can extend his tail, being able to use it as a cable.

Armored form

  • Flight: Rush's limbs can transform into rotors, allowing him to fly and act as a transport for Mega Man. This works similar to the Rush Jet from his original counterpart.
  • Lasers: Rush has to ability to shoot lasers out of his eyes.
  • Immunity to hypnotic projectiles: Rush is completely immune to the hypnotic effect of the projectiles of Hypno Woman.
  • Storage: Rush has a chip compartment in the front of his neck with can store a chip, first seen in the episode A Bot and His Dog, where Suna used it to Rush deliver the chip with Hypno Woman's schematics to Mega Man. It was first mentioned by Aki in Rush to Greatness.



  • In Power Cycle, he eats normal food, instead of the gears for Aki's mistake.
  • In an early concept, he was shown in a Motorcycle mode. It is currently unknown whether this will be featured in the series, or if it was replaced with his Flying form.