Safari Park Stage (サファリパークステージ)[1] and Jungle Stage (ジャングルステージ)[2] are Neon Tiger's stages in Mega Man X3 and Mega Man Xtreme 2, respectively.


Mega Man X3

The Safari Park Stage is an artificial park located in the eastern mountains of Dopple Town. The stage begins in an open area with Tomborts, which can be used as platforms to reach the top of the area faster. There is then a tunnel full of Drill Wayings, followed by a downward ladder that leads to the sub-boss arena of Worm Seeker-R. Next is another forest section before the sub-boss room where Bit or Byte appear, and after that is a section with Atareeters creating spikes before Neon Tiger's boss room.

Mega Man Xtreme 2

The Jungle Stage on Laguz Island is very different from the safari park in Mega Man X3. It is part of X Mission. Visually, it resembles more of a thick forest than a park. The route travels along the treetops, moving platforms, and two Ride Armor sections, none of which were originally present. Overall, it takes heavy inspiration from Sting Chameleon's Forest Stage.


Enemies in Neon Tiger's stage from Mega Man X3:

Enemies in Neon Tiger's stage from Mega Man Xtreme 2:


  • Life Up (X3): Climb up the wall just outside the boss shutters to find the Life Up at the top.
  • Sub Tank (X3): Climb the wall on the far right of the first open segment to find the Sub Tank in the corner.
  • Arm Parts (X3): Instead of going down the ladder after the tunnel area, use Tornado Fang on the cracked wall on the right. Use the Leg Parts to air dash across the gap and onto a ledge with the capsule.
  • Life Up (Xtreme 2): In the first Ride Armor segment, use its hover ability to punch open the upper part of a certain tree, revealing the Life Up hidden inside.
  • Head Parts (Xtreme 2): The capsule can plainly be seen behind a wooden panel after the moving platform section. Use Fire Wave to burn the wood and climb inside. In Extreme Mode if Zero has the weapon instead of X that's required the barrier is oddly impenetrable making this unobtainable



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