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The Sage Trinity (三賢人 Sankenjin) is the supreme authority of Legion, the coalition government that runs the whole world during the time of the Mega Man ZX series, though they are first introduced in Mega Man ZX Advent.


At one point, the Sage Trinity received mechanical bodies that allowed them to live and rule for centuries. They show interest in obtaining a Biometal to analyze its technology and information of the past. To achieve this, they set a large prize money for those who could obtain a Biometal for them, including making a request for the Hunter's Guild. After the Hunters obtain Biometal Model A and prepare to transport it to Legion HQ in a train, they are attacked by Mavericks and Ashe/Grey combines with Model A to stop them. With the train damaged, Ashe/Grey contact the Sage Trinity to inform what happened, and they request to repair the train to deliver the Biometal.

After reaching Legion HQ, Ashe/Grey discover that one member from the Sage Trinity had created Model W, forcing Master Albert to reveal part of his plan and escape to set it in motion. Master Thomas and Master Mikhail give support to the Hunters stop the traitor. After Albert's death, Master Thomas ominously reveals to Master Mikhail that he allied himself with four Mega Men and plans to restart the world.


  • Master Thomas - The leader of the Sage Trinity. A very strict and rigorous person.
  • Master Albert - Excels in the handling of science and technology. An intellectual and very friendly person. During the game it is revealed that he created Model W and plans to become a god and change the world.
  • Master Mikhail - Responsible for information management, primarily geographical and historical data. Has a sarcastic way of talking.

Their names are a supposed reference to Dr. Thomas Light, Dr. Albert Wily, and Dr. Mikhail Cossack of the classic Mega Man series.

While the Sage Trinity do not seem to be evil (most Reploids and Humanoids seem to regard them as benevolent leaders), Master Albert has shown sinister tendencies, and Master Thomas has made some cryptic remarks (interestingly ironic, being based on Dr. Light himself). In fact, the only member who hasn't shown any sense of an evil nature was Master Mikhail (ironically the one who might be classified as a rude character based on his behavior).

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