Sakugarne (サクガーン Sakugān) is Quint's drilling robot from Mega Man II. Being a modified and remodeled jackhammer robot, Sakugarne is able to smash solid rock to pieces.[1] When used by Mega Man, he summons Sakugarne to ride him like a pogo stick. Mega Man does several small jumps while riding him, and can jump higher by pressing the jump button, dealing considerable damage to enemies he jumps on. Mega Man can also traverse spikes safely while riding him. Mega Man is still vulnerable while using Sakugarne, and will be damaged if the enemy he jumps on isn't destroyed. This is the only weapon besides the Mega Buster that works on the Wily Machine II, being its weakness.

When used by Quint, Sakugarne digs into an area and releases small ground fragments, harming those that approach him. Sakugarne also appeared in Mega Man V and Wily & Right's RockBoard: That's Paradise, but cannot be obtained by Mega Man.

Rockman Shadow from the game Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chōsensha uses a drilling robot similar to Sakugarne.

Damage data charts

Damage values in units in Mega Man II.

Sakugarne Icon MMII.png Sakugarne
Boss Damage
Metal Man 0*
Air Man 0*
Crash Man 0*
Wood Man 0*
Needle Man 2*
Magnet Man 2*
Hard Man 2*
Top Man 2*
Quint 0*
Wily Machine (Form 1) 0
Wily Machine (Form 2) 2
Wily Machine (Form 3) 2
*Damage values denoted with a (*) were found via cheating device.


When Mega Man jumps on Sakugarne, he begins to drain the weapon energy until he uses all the energy or is switched to another weapon. With a full weapon energy gauge, it can be used for approximately 11 seconds.


  • Sakugarne's name may be derived from the Japanese word "sakugan", which means drilling.
  • Sakugarne is one of the few non-utility weapons in the series that does not alter Mega Man's color.
  • In Mega Man II, Sakugarne is the only weapon that Mega Man does not absorb into himself after victory, possibly as he does not alter his color (according to artwork) and Sakugarne himself being a separate entity that could have simply been picked up after Quint retreats.
    • He is also labeled as "Quint Item Sakugarne" on the "Get Weapon" screen as Quint's name is not in the title of the weapon.