Samantha is a female Reploid introduced in Issue 37 of the Mega Man comic series from Archie Comics. She is a member of Dr. Cain's dig team, and wears a Met-like safety helmet; she also sports white and green armor and purple hair.


Along with the rest of Dr. Cain's team, Samantha was at the dig site of Dr. Wily's former lab. She blocks X in the entrance, but Dr. Cain says he called X to the dig site and lets him in. When the reactivated Wily Walker dug its way out of the laboratory, thinking quickly, Samantha pulled an alarm, which alerted most of the nearby humans to the danger. When X arrived to her position, she informed him of her actions, and then watched with him as the walking weapons platform blew a hole through the side of the mesa.


  • Samantha is the first female Reploid created exclusively for the Archie Comics, similar to how Quake Woman is the first female Robot Master for the series. Unlike Quake Woman, she is not known to have any special abilities, and it is unknown whether she will appear again.

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