Sasoreenu (サソリーヌ Sasorīnu) is a scorpion robot enemy from Mega Man 4 and Mega Man IV that only appears in Pharaoh Man's stage, on the sand area in the surface. Sasoreenu was originally designed with a scorpion shape to catch poisonous scorpions. They are invincible as they emerge from or sink back into the sand, and while on the surface they tend to zoom forward to try to sting Mega Man. In Mega Man IV Rain Flush can be used to stop the sand, avoiding their appearance.

Hits data chart

Amount of shots/hits from Special Weapons it takes to destroy a Sasoreenu.

Mega Man 4
Mega Buster Flash Stopper Rain Flush Drill Bomb Pharaoh Shot Ring Boomerang Dust Crusher Dive Missile Skull Barrier Wire
4:4:2 Y:4 1 N:N 2:1 2 2 2 2 ?

Rockman Online

Sasoreenu (사소리누) was going to appear in the cancelled game Rockman Online. In the game it's a small Mechaniloid able to hover to move in any terrain like sand and swamps. They have drills or lasers on their tail to obtain samples from the soil. When infected by the virus, they use their tail as a weapon.

Other media

Sasoreenu has an appearance in Worlds Collide seen alongside the Skorp from Dr. Eggman's army in a desert from the Skull Egg Zone.



Sasoreenu in an early built of Mega Man 4

  • The name Sasoreenu is derived from the Japanese word "sasori", which means scorpion.
  • In the sample version of Mega Man 4, these robots would remain stationary while firing shots at the player, rather than charge at them.