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The Satella Police are a group of police officers in the Mega Man Star Force series. They are in charge of deleting EM Viruses and also behave like regular police officers. The most notable Satella Police officers are Bob Copper and A.C. Eos.


Satella Police Commandos

The Satella Police Commandos are a unique branch of Satella Police who are in charge of bringing justice to illegal organizations. Like the Satella Police they also delete EM Viruses. A.C. Eos is the most prominent member of this division.

In-game appearances

Mega Man Star Force

The Satella Police send Bob Copper to investigate the strange incidents near Echo Ridge. He comes very close to discovering Mega Man's identity, prompting Omega-Xis to delete all of his evidence and research.

Mega Man Star Force 2

Bob Copper is the only officer appearing in the game, investigating unusual EM Waves across the world prior to the UMAs' attacks.

Mega Man Star Force 3

The Satella Police Commandos officials make their appearance in this game, and are first seen at the Spica Mall, causing Geo and Zack to get excited.


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