This unnamed boss, known by nicknames such as "Parabola Gun" and "Satellite Cannon" due to its parabolic antennae shape, is a boss from Mega Man IV. After the defeat of the four Robot Masters from Mega Man 4, Mega Man follows Dr. Wily and is attacked by the defenses of his Wily Station. Mega Man attacks the base and fights against this cannon in the top of the fortress.

This cannon attacks by releasing one (two after losing half of its energy) spinning projectiles from the core. It also throws the core to the top of the screen, which homes on Mega Man's direction and than returns by rolling in the ground. When it throws the core, it's safer to dodge it by sliding to the right when it moves on Mega Man's direction. It can only be damaged when the core opens to attack with the spinning projectiles, being vulnerable to Pharaoh Shot. After defeating this boss, Mega Man enters the fortress and fights against Ballade.


Mega Man attacking Wily's fortress

Damage Data Chart

Mega Man IV
Mega Buster Ballade Cracker Beat Charge Kick Crystal Eye Flash Stopper Napalm Bomb Pharaoh Shot Power Stone Rain Flush Ring Boomerang
1:3 2* 1 -- 1* -- 1* 2:6 1* 2 1


  • Values denoted with a (*) were discovered through the use of cheat device.
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