Saul Kada Island

Saul Kada Island (サウル・カダ島) is a desert island that is home to Kimotoma City. The fiery Saul Kada Ruins lie deep under Kimotoma City.



The Oasis is a small location in the desert where the Flutter lands while the Bonnes are in Kimotoma City. After Teisel Bonne's defeat, the Flutter can land inside the city.

Saul Kada Desert

The Saul Kada Desert is a large desert where Draches and Kalmares, made by the Bonnes, appear from time to time. After their defeat, three red Juraids are found instead and no other enemies appear.

Kimotoma Caverns

Kimotoma Caverns is an aquatic ruins in the Saul Kada Desert which is only available when Megaman gains the Class S License. Unlike in Nino Ruins, the water cannot be drained. A red Refractor (Refractor S) is guarded by the 3 Mids from Nino Ruins. The music used in Clozer Woods Sub-Gate from the first game plays here.

Kimotoma City

Kimotoma City is a location taken by the Bonnes, and Mega Man fights against them to free the city.

Saul Kada Ruins

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