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Saurian Zerker, known as Dinosaur Berserk (ダイナソーベルセルク Dainasō Beruzeruku) in Japan, is the Double Tribe form of Mega Man based on the combined power of the OOPArts Rock of Saurian and Sword of Zerker.


Saurian Zerker keeps the same design as Fire Saurian, which main color is now Thunder Zerker's silver, with yellow lines across the body, the buster head now has an armored helmet design, and the fist is sparking.


Saurian Zerker is an armed dinosaur form which performs both brutal strikes that can be boosted even further from both tribes.

  • Element: BC Element Elec Elec
  • Can charge a non-dimming card for an attack boost (varies depending on card).
  • Elec cards +20 attack
  • Fire cards +30 attack
  • Side Select
  • Super Armor
  • Charge Shot: Thunder Slash
  • Weakness: BC Element Wood Wood
  • LFB : Vanishing Blazer: Mega Man performs the Genocide Blazer, which has been charged with both the elec and heat elements, hitting each enemy twice (one for each element) as he sweeps it across the field.

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