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This article is about the Darkloid SavageMan.EXE. You may be looking for his Asteroid or video game counterparts.

SavageMan, known as BeastMan (ビーストマン Bīsutoman) in Japan, is an antagonist in MegaMan NT Warrior Axess. One of the Darkloids spawned from darkness under ShadeMan, SavageMan fights against MegaMan and his friends as he tries to tear down the world to make it a place solely for Darkloids.


SavageMan in Axess's intro.

SavageMan is wildly different from his video game counterpart in the anime. Rather than being the NetNavi of Takeo Inukai and a member of the World Three like in the games, SavageMan is a Darkloid who relies on Dark Chips for power. His goal, like the other Darkloids, is simply to make the world a place where only Darkloids thrive.

His Asteroid counterpart, Asteroid BeastMan, more closely follows his video game counterpart's history.


MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

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SavageMan is the first Darkloid fought, attacking SciLab through a Dimensional Area and attempting to destroy SciLab to prevent anybody from stopping Nebula. However, Lan and MegaMan use Cross Fusion and manage to drive him off. Cross Fusion!

He appears in the next episode when NetCity and countless NetNavis are being absorbed by a giant saucer-shaped device. He battles MegaMan and manages to force him to Log Out. He later appears in the Real World via a Dimensional Area, but a Cross Fused Lan and MegaMan defeat him again. Lan and MegaMan become NetSavers as an end result. NetCity No More!

When Lan and MegaMan are investigating a museum that was threatened by a possible Darkloid attack, SavageMan duplicates Lan's frequency and tries to confuse MegaMan into who is the real Lan. His hopes were to disrupt their teamwork and get the upperhand. However, MegaMan managed to see through the deception by asking the Lans a question that only the real one would know, destroying the second "Lan" and ruining SavageMan's plan. Friendship in the Mirror

He is encountered once again when he attacks a mall with a Dimensional Area. He was also the reason for the city-wide blackout at the start in his blind rampage after his Dark Chip energy had run out. He went straight to Dr. Regal for Dark Chips to restore his power, making a deal with him in the process. This time, his power has been increased by the power of the Dark Chips, having used at least three of them (one prior and two during the battle), and MegaMan needs Metal Soul to defeat him. However SavageMan enters the real world and thanks to the Dark Chips SavageMan goes crazy with power, but is eventually deleted by MegaMan and Lan after a hard-fought battle. SavageMan Returns!

SavageMan among other revived Darkloids.

After deletion, SavageMan was revived by Dr. Regal along with all of the other deleted Darkloids for the sole purpose of attacking the NetPolice and ensuring the destruction of Control X (which was being used by the NetSavers to help locate Regal's secret space satellite), but once again he is deleted by Proto Soul MegaMan using Variable Sword's Sonic Boom. The Great NetPolice Battle!

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