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"Mega Man: The Scorch Wheel launches a flaming wheel, right?
Dr. Light: Yes, and the wheel may also burn the things it touches.
―Mega Man and Dr. Light, Mega Man 7

Scorch Wheel, known as Burning Wheel (バーニングホイール Bāningu Hoīru) in Japan and the English version of Mega Man: The Power Battle, is Turbo Man's Special Weapon.

When equipped by Mega Man in Mega Man 7, he sends a wheel of fire in front of him, and it rolls on the ground like a normal wheel. If the player holds the attack button, the fire wheels will rotate around him for a while before being launched. Scorch Wheel can be used to scorch certain objects, especially the trees in Slash Man's stage (this is how Beat is found) and can even be used on some ice on the floors on Freeze Man's stage. Scorch Wheel can also light the candles in the dark corridor in Shade Man's stage, allowing the player to see the platforms, the spikes, and the rest of the landscape.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man 7.

MM7-ScorchWheel-Icon Scorch Wheel
Boss Damage
Freeze Man 3
Junk Man 0
Burst Man 4
Cloud Man 1
Spring Man 1
Slash Man 4
Shade Man 1
Turbo Man 0
Mash --
Bass 2
Guts Man G 0
Bass and Treble 2
Gameriser 0
HannyaNED² 0
Wily Machine No. 7 2
Wily Capsule 0

Bosses weak against Burning Wheel


  • A picture of Mega Man using Scorch Wheel (the picture at the top) is used as the background picture for the extra downloaded material in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection.
  • This is the only weapon to have a fire shield (Fire Storm, Fire Man) that can be thrown (Leaf Shield, Wood Man) in multiple directions (Metal Blade, Metal Man).
  • Scorch Wheel is the weakness of three Robot Masters in Mega Man 7, making it the second most effective weapon in its source game (only being beaten by, unsurprisingly, Metal Blade).
  • Oddly enough, even though Scorch Wheel is a fire weapon, it is not from a fire-themed Robot Master.


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