"Unleash crackling bolts of electricity that speed along the ground. Try it with the Power Gear active to up the voltage, making shots pierce multiple enemies!"
―Weapon description, Mega Man 11

Scramble Thunder (スクランブルサンダー Sukuranburu Sandā) is Fuse Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man 11. After obtaining it, Mega Man is able to shoot a sphere of electricity that can travel along platforms after touching a surface. Not only can it be fired straight forward, but it can also be aimed up or down. It is extremely similar to the Plug Ball, both in nature and in element. Unlike Plug Ball, however, Scramble Thunder's projectiles also explode when they hit an enemy, releasing a short-lived electrical field that damages nearby enemies.

If Mega Man uses Scramble Thunder when the Power Gear is in effect, he will fire a larger sphere that deals more damage and can pass through enemies.

Like all of the special weapons in the game, Scramble Thunder gives Mega Man new Head Gear and Arm Gear that alters his physical appearance when equipped, rather than just being a color swap. In this case, the Head Gear is a helmet that looks almost exactly like Fuse Man's, and the Arm Gear is a dual-pronged taser.

This weapon is the weakness of Tundra Man



  • Scramble Thunder was one of two weapons featured in the Demo version of Mega Man 11, the other being Pile Driver.
  • It can be considered as a successor to Mega Man 9's Plug Ball, as it behaves in almost the same way but with several improvements over Plug Ball.
  • This weapon is somewhat similar to Thunder Beam, due to the fact that both weapons can be shot up and down as well as forward, however Thunder Beam shoots projectiles in all three directions at the same time while Scramble Thunder can only shoot in one direction at a time.
  • Scramble Thunder is similar to Electric Spark, as both send electric spheres along the floor and walls while damaging nearby enemies. 
    • Unlike Electric Spark, Scramble Thunder can also be shot either upwards or downwards.
  • If Mega Man destroys a Lamper in Torch Man's stage, he can switch light back on for a certain amount of time with Scramble Thunder.