Scrapped robots in Mega Man 11

Scrap (スクラップ) is the remains of broken, inactive machines that appear as obstacles in some games from the Mega Man franchise.


Mega Man 11

Scrap, named Scrapp in the game's Gallery, are the remains of unfortunate robots who tumbled into the chemical pipes in Acid Man's stage. All they can do now is be dragged along by the stream of chemicals, causing some damage on contact with Mega Man. The scrap comes in the form of Metalls, Shield Attacker Ms, Droppies, and Pipettos.  Active Droppies will destroy scrap on contact to keep the pipes clean.

Mega Man X Series

Utuboros head

Scrap appears as the heads of broken Utuboros that appear alongside Scrap Robos in the conveyor belts from Flame Mammoth's stage in Mega Man X, the remake Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, and Mega Man Xtreme 2.

They are generally harmless and X (or Vile and Zero, depending of the game) can even stand on them, but they will cause some damage if they fall on top of X due to their weight. They will simply be carried by the conveyor belts until they fall into the molten metal and get melted. After Chill Penguin's defeat in Mega Man X, the molten metal will cool down and become ice, and the Utuboros heads will break into pieces when they fall off the conveyor belt and onto the ice.

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