Sea Canthller (シーキャンスラー) is the "sub-boss" of Bubble Crab's stage in Mega Man X2, a coelacanth-like Mechaniloid that was originally created to transport Jelly Seekers. When Sea Canthller appears it will swim to a blocked path that will open for it to pass, allowing X to proceed. It will swim until it reaches its destination or is destroyed. Destroying Sea Canthller is optional, but it will make the stage easier if the player does. Alternatively, the player can wait Sea Canthller to reach its destination or outrun it after the path opens. Sea Canthller can fire up to three homing missiles out of the ports on its back and deploy explosive mines from its mouth. Additionally, getting caught by the search light emitted from the crystal lens on its underbelly will trigger the Canthller's strongest attack: a thin, focused laser beam that sweeps from the front of the enemy to the rear. Sea Canthller is susceptible to Sonic Slicer, which can easily destroy its vulnerable body components; a well-placed, fully charged Sonic Slicer is capable of defeating it in a single shot. Alternatively, the Giga Crush will instantly destroy it.

Other media

Sea Canthller appeared in the Rockman X2 manga attacking Marty's pirate ship on Bubble Crab's behalf, but its attack is interrupted by X, who fights against Sea Canthller and destroys it.


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